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I am taking 2 AP classes(AP Psychology and AP English) in my junior year of high school...?

is that enough to be accepted into a 4-year university after high school? Or shall i take more AP classes?

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    In terms of rigorous coursework, 2 AP's is really only enough to get into a basic 4-year university.

    5 or so can get you into a great university and 8 or more will place you probably in Ivy leagues or top 20 universities. Eitherway, it also depends on GPA and SAT.

    Of all AP's, some colleges consider classes like AP Psychology and AP Environment not so rigorous compared to a class like AP Chemistry or AP Calculus. As for AP English, I don't know.


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    It depends on your grades. I'm taking three ap classes this year, and two dual enrollment. I'm in ap lang and it's not really difficult. It's a lot of reading. But if you can handle more, I would take at least one more (AP Bio and AP US history are really hard so maybe not those). Your junior year is supposed to be difficult, but you don't want your life to be overcome with schoolwork, because the tests are so difficult. The best thing about AP classes is that, when you become a junior, the teachers stop disciplining you and start just treating you like normal people. I don't think that happens in standard classes.

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    If your GPA is 2.5 or higher, you can get into some 4-year college or university. Since most schools require 4 years of English, what English are you taking senior year? Usually that's when people take AP English.

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    My best friend Got into Mizzou for Journalism, A highly competitive program, with no AP's

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    depends on where you want to go...state school or private? check with the school you want to go to.

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