If you have failed to go to court & have another court date coming up, what will happen?

Well my friend failed to go to today, & she has another court date in November for the same charges.. Which is for not having a drivers license.. I'm guessing she has a warrant now. What will happen when she shows up to court in November?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Going to court isnt something you can blow off and it goes away.

    The fines/ charges keep adding up.

    Now, instead of a small fine, she may be looking at some jail time, unless she has a good reason for not showing up last time.

    Plus she should have a lawyer now, which will cost more than the fine probably wouldve been.


    When you snub the courts..this is called contempt of court.


  • gymmy
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    1 decade ago

    She'll be arrested and tossed into county lock-up. Lesson here kids is she skipped court for a nothing charge (no jail time-just a fine) and increased it to a bench warrant ( jail time and a fine) oh the ignorance of youth.

  • satbar
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    4 years ago

    an identical problem got here approximately with my cousin and that i. first of all, they does not enable him characterize himself. It had to be an officer of the courtroom (an atty.) besides, I had to tutor the decide for failure to look quotes the place of work work that he substitute into locked up, so as that they finally dropped those quotes. that doesn't mean he nonetheless would not ought to reschedule those unique quotes. wish that helps!

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