I am planing on moving to Scotland from the USA. What cities are calm and country..?

I am planing on moving to Scotland from the USA.. What cities are calm and country, but not out in the middle of nowhere?

Also, is there a Walmart or Target there, or places like them?

I am a 21 yo single mom of a 3 yo boy, and my mom. I am looking for a town thats calm and beautiful, and has a low crime rate. Also has to have at least one Hospital, and a great school.

If anyone can shed some light, that would be wonderful!

Thanks for reading.

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    Scotland only has six official cities - (in order of population) Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling and Inverness. Inverness is the closest to a 'country' city, but is several hours drive from the nearest city, and is not in the middle of nowhere, but is on the edge of nowhere.

    As for Wal-Mart - they own a large supermarket chain in the UK - ASDA. The largest supermarket chain is Tesco, and there are several others.

    Several towns have hospitals, and some small towns have small country hospitals. The large hospitals are confined to the official cities and large towns like Perth.

    You need to be a little more specific. Which are of Scotland would suit you best? The Highlands are beautiful, but fairly empty and far away from major shopping and so on.The North East is prosperous, thanks to the oil industry, but that means high house prices. The Central belt has the two largest cities in it (along with around 1/2 the population of Scotland).

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    You have the cart before the horse. You cannot just move to any place in the UK. The only way you can live in Scotland is if you first find an employer and get a work visa. This requires you to be very highly skilled in a much needed job. Unskilled jobs do not qualify for a work visa. Scotland has a very high unemployment problem, so even if you are highly skilled you are unlikely to find an employer. See site below to study requirements to live and work in Scotland or any where in the UK.

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    Assuming you can get a work visa, You would undoubtedly like Edinburgh. It's a nice city with beautiful countryside on its doorstep.

    The local supermarkets include Tesco, Morrison's and ASDA (Walmart).

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    When I visited Scotland my favourite city and the city I fdound to be most friendly was, by far, Inverness

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    Portsmouth, NH.

    Portsmouth is on the Seacoast of NH, only a few mile drive to the ocean. Also, there is Boston, MA and Portland, ME only about an hour away in opposite directions.

    There is not a lot of crime in Portsmouth, and there is one hospital (with about 4 others in the vicinity), two Walmarts, and a target near by.

    Good luck :)

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