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Movies Fans,"Julianne Moore" or "Winona Ryder"?

who you think is a better actress??

BQ:What's your favorite movie by theme both?

BQ:who you think is more beautiful?

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    I think Julianne Moore is a better actress.

    BQ-I like 'The Forgotten' with Julianne Moore and 'Beetlejuice' with Winona Ryder.

    BQ- I think they're both pretty actually, they have similar bone structure/features.

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    Julianne Moore, hands down.

    look at how versatile she is

    Safe- the innocent housewife,( watch this then watch either of the next two, she is great)

    the hand that rocks the cradle-the caring but dominant best friend,

    the big lebowski- the no-nonsense, liberated Marge lol etc

    winona ryder is good, i like her she is a nice, strong solid presence to have in a movie but can't step it up like Julianne Moore, that's what i have found.

    BQ-Winona Ryder-heathers; Julianne Moore-Safe

    BQ2- hmm for my own personal choice, winona ryder

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    Julianne Moore is a great actress, but I do like Winona Ryder.

    BQ: The Shipping News and The Heathers

    BQ: J Moore. She never seems to age either

  • All personal answers:

    Winona Ryder is a better actress

    Julianne Moore: "Hannibal"

    Winona Ryder: "Girl, Interrupted"

    Winona Ryder, was good enough to date Johnny.

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    Oh, it's very tight, but I'd say Moore. She can play different characters and is good at comedy, Ryder tried to be funny, it wasn't too impressive.

    BQ: Moore - Evolution

    Ryder - "Darwin Awards", even though she tries to present a testosterone-driven macho girl who puts the f word even in her coffee, she still is so full of estrogen, just wasn't her role, but the movie is great.

    BQ2: chace crawford

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