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what's the difference between distribution and population?

what's the difference between sample and population? Science related answers only please!

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    Population distribution is geographically where the populations are concentrated/not concentrated/clustered, etc. Where exactly are the populations?

    Density of population is simply the total number of individuals divided by the given area. For example, if the population of a random country is 10,000,000 people, and the countries total area was 1,000,000 km^2, the pop. density is 10 people/km^2. Doesn't take into account of their distribution.

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    "sample" is a specific number of individuals, chosen/selected for whatever researchers are looking for

    A valid "sample", out of a university population of 3,000, would be, let's say 100 respondents.

    That means that those 100 people who answered your questions will represent the 3,000 students.

    sample= number of people who represent the general population

    We use "samples" because interviewing everybody would take too long, and it would be too expensive.

    Distribution: how race, ethnicity, religion, or whatever you are looking at, is spread around on an area

    population: all the people living in a specific area


    There's a dense Mexican-American population distributed across Southern California, Arizona and Texas.

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