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how to improve my skills very fast?

ok so I'm studying languages at uni (english french german and spanish), you can only pick 3 languages but after moaning enough I was permitted to do 4. Because of that I'll have a year no German class and my German wasn't that good. I passed my exam but still... I have to improve it quickly!! I won't have much time cause I'm so busy with the other languages but what do you guys suggest? Here's what I'm already gonna try to do:

- 1 hour grammar/week + vocabulary

- news 1/week

- listen to german music

- read german books

Will this be enough? All advice is welcome...

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    Ach, Sie sind sehr fleissig! 4 languages is a bit much isn't it? Then again I'm the same so I can't talk.

    Anyway, I'm not taking any french classes but I continue learning it by watching french DVDs and reading as much french text as I can find... basically immerse yourself as much as possible. Still, if you're at an early level of German I would suggest just laying off it for a year. Three languages at a time is already a huge load. But if you choose to do so anyway, your plan looks pretty good.

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    Holy cow! What's with the rush of learning four languages at once!

    Personally, I would have taken two languages at a time.

    Still, you can get mixed up on grammar and vocabulary if you do not have exposure to the languages.

    Do you live in Switzerland? LOL. What's your native language?

    Well, try to practice with other German students.

    Watch German news.

    Review words. Use dictionaries.

    I'm not much help in this aspect because I learned English and Spanish simultaneously at a young age. And I only know Guten tag in German. LOL.

    The younger, the better.

    Good luck in all your language endeavors.

    -- L.C.

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