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am i too big for this me please.?

i am a intermidiate surfer. i started when i was 11 and im now 18. i im kina old school and i usually prefer to longboard, but i have used shortboard on many ocations usually thruster kine like 6'4....but im looking at this one board and the dementions are 5'10" x 19.5" x 2.5....i am 6'2" and weigh around 170 i too big to even consider? here is a link......... .......thanks

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    Anybody who would give you SPECIFIC advice as to what size or type board to buy on-line is foolish. Anybody who would take that advice is more foolish.

    And, I know there are lots of nice kids who want to share information with you on line. But don't take the advice from youngsters, who may know even less than you do about surfing, a surfboard is a big investment. I hope you are mature enough to read through the BS that lots of people throw at you on line. Unless you are really aware of exactly what you want or need, don't buy one from an on-line web site without getting disappointed. Don't waste your time on line, go straight to the source, a good local shop. All decent shops has a good selection of used boards for sale, or they sell used boards on consignment.

    With that being said, there are lots of guys your size who are skilled enough to ride a board that size. Heck, a guy with enough skill could surf on an ironing board. What you need a surfboard that floats you well enough to paddle and catch a wave at your PRESENT SKILL LEVEL at YOUR PRESENT SIZE. We don't know anywhere near enough about you, or where you surf. And, we don't have any opportunity for dialogue. And you need to be perfectly honest about your actual ability.

    Don't waste your time on line, we don't know anywhere nearly enough about you, or where you surf, how well you surf and we don't have an opportunity to discuss these things with you. We aren't your surfing buddies, we don't necessarily surf where you or know anybody who does. Go to a good local surf shop (or a shop where ever you usually surf) and discuss your options with the folks in the shop. They can give you far better advice than anybody out here in 'cyberspace'

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    I don't truly know how strong your paddling is or how well you surf, but going from a long board to a board smaller than you, well i would say its a bad bet, even it is thick, its not just floating that will be your problem transitioning, you will be paddling as hard as you can but not even moving, longboards always pattle smoother. Id advise going to a local shop for one, and looking at boards from as long as 6'6 down, I wont advise anything smaller than 6'0 for someone who has been riding longboards for 7 years, and thats still pushing it.

    Source(s): 6'6 tall and still surfin shortys
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    No, your not too big if you have the skills to ride it. Its still a pretty small board though its nice that its a little wider and thicker. Idk man no one can really answer this for you beyond telling that you can pretty much ride anything depending on skill. I seems like you have some experience surfing, and since you live in Hawaii no shortage of waves suitable for that small of a board so good luck. Are you comfortable on the 6'4"? Then maybe you can switch down.

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    NO WAY, I'm 240 lbs and I'm just fine on a longboard. You will be fine.

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