Her hair looked so real.......?

I am a black woman and I had ran into this lady (who was also black) who had the prettiest and natural curly or wavey weave. She wore half of the hair up and the other half down. What I like about her hair was when she wore half of it up, the hair looked liked it came right out her scape. Now, I know how lace front wigs look but this look totally did not look like a lace wig. The hair was spread out evenly and there is no detection of any lace. It just looked so good and natural. If anyone has any idea what kind of weave or wig I may be describing and how to get her results, it would be greatly appreciated.


Dah...... I know black people have good hair. This lady hair was short n thin just 2 weeks before I saw her with the long and curly hair. So yea, I called her out. It was fake and I want to know how to get her results.

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    It could be full lace (all the way around the perimeter), or lace all over. Those with all lace, you can part anywhere, and with the right application (if the lace is made well), they can be virtually undetectable. I have seen a bandage method that simulates the entire scalp using tape, and flesh colored bandages over the wig cap to cover and hide your real hair, so when the lace wig is adhered to it, all you see is the what looks like skin with hair growing out of it underneath. You can also do this with just wig cap matching your skin tone, but as I have learned recently, since they are usually thin nylon, they allow your hair underneath to show, and if it's dark, the "scalp" effect, is lessened. When it's done right, the end result is incredible, and you can comb and part your new hair pretty much the same way you would every day :) They take a little while to do as you might imagine, but I have learned that you can keep this for 6-8 weeks! I still haven't figured out how you wash your real hair when it's done up like this for so long.

    They do also make monofilament lace wigs with a "scalp top," but I don't think that's what you are talking about.

    I sent you some links to look at, I couldn't find the one I wanted, cause I don't know if I like putting the self adhesive bandages directly on my hair. However, it's not going anywhere if you do that :)

    Source(s): Personal experience. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foxbTkOlhJg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQLbXYRUU0g&feature... Lace Wig Application With Self Adhering Bandage Wrap, Part 1
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    If her hair looked real then more than likely it was. It can be her natural hair texture which can be wavy or curly (which curly or wavy hair is common on most black people) and we all can have nice hair if we would take care of it instead of damage it with chemicals and heat (which it sounds like she doesn't damage her hair). I don't have an answer mainly because it can be her real hair.

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