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What Countries cater to best sex tourism?

Low price, yet beautyful females?

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    Sex tourism is a huge industry that is largely unspoken about. Sex tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry that sees people travel all around the world in the search for various sexual encounters.

    In the past the sex tourism industry was very underground and hardly spoken about. People would fly to popular sexually liberal countries to engage in sex but it was kept very hush. These days there are agencies and tour operators that specialize in sex tours to cater for sex tourists. Additionally, more and more gay and lesbian sex tourists are jumping on board as homosexuality becomes much more acceptable around the world. It is estimated that around 10 percent of all sex tourists are gay or lesbian which accounts for a large amount of the population. Cities (particularly those with popular red light districts) are realizing the economic benefits of the sex tourism industry and are starting to build more facilities and infrastructure to attract sex tourists to their destinations.

    Tel Aviv is a great example of a city that is trying to attract more sex tourists (in particularly gay and lesbians) by building a huge range of appealing places to visit such as gay bars, strip clubs, entertainment and more.

    First and foremost the first thing to look for in a good sex tourism destination is the law. One of the key reasons people travel for the purpose of sex tours is that the place they are travelling to have legalized prostitution. You don’t want to end up travelling somewhere where you find what you had planned is actually illegal!

    Another reason people go on sex tours is that the price of sexual services (prostitution, strip clubs and organized sex tours) is generally much lower than in their home country. So if you are a budding sex tourist – do some research to see if the prices are as low as you are expecting.

    Remember that if you are travelling overseas or domestically for the purpose of sex then you may want to make sure it’s actually a destination you want to travel to.

    The Eastern European country of Latvia may be little known to many; however it is one of Europe’s top sex tourism destinations. Latvia sex tourism is particularly popular with British tourists who are looking for a place to find cheap sex, cheap alcohol, and beautiful women and have a good time.

    Some of the top destinations for male sex tourists that are also red light districts include: Amsterdam, Zona Norte in Tijuana, Boy’s Town in Nuevo Laredo, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand and Kherson, Odessa and Crimea in Ukraine.

    Some countries as a whole are renowned for being popular sex tourism destinations – particularly countries in south-east Asia including Thailand. Other popular countries include Sri Lanka, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba and Kenya.

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    Best Countries For Sex Tourism

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    Amsterdams quite famous for this ;) also, a friend of mine moved to Prague to teach English there and said their 'red light district' is quite similar and uber cheap!

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