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Exactly what kind of porn did Hitler look at?

Im very curious..I do know that he liked being urinated and deficated on? Exactly what kind of porn did Hitler look at? (his assistants provided him with pornography)

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    In the 20s and 30s Berlin was one of the 3 famous 'Sin cities' of the world. It was a city based on sex, basically. There's actually a good documentary called Sin Cities if you're interested. the other two cities are Shanghai and Paris.

    Anyways, the pornography would have likely been not much more than photographs of naked women, or scantily clad women. It certainly would not have been video, and I highly doubt that there were photographs of sexual intercourse.

    The definition of pornography has differed a bit since then, with most people thinking of 'hardcore' porn as the only porn.

    Hitler would have looked at what we call 'softcore' or basically the equivalence of sexy women in sexy lingerie, or naked :)

    Hope this helped, a lot of this comes from the documentary i talked about and some of it is speculation, so don't cite me ;P

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    He looked at furry porn.

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    hairy leg and armpit porn from france

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    Two jews 1 chamber :D

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