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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenDecorating & Remodeling · 10 years ago

Redocorating My Room Ideas! Please answer =)?

The time has finally come where I have enough money to redocorate my room.Well im very bored of my room and now I have permission from my dad to redo it! My room right now is very very plain with no exciting lights,funky colors and No WOW factor. Im 15 years old and really want to change my room according to my taste. Right now the color combination of my room is boring yellow with light brown. I love these colors but they are just boring because this is the room I have from the past 9 years.My room is full of wooden furnishings But now it should totally change.I want more color In the room,Like all the colors in the rainbow. Im not a very girly person, so i don't want only pink and purple all over. Though pink and purple are one of my fav's. I want to paint my room walls But which color? I cant seem to decide at all. I want to change my mattress.Im getting a more bouncier one.The color i paint my room walls should have contrast with the other colors in the room. I want more exciting furniture.Please suggest some good ones. Maybe a new bed stand or a vase with beads in them. A cute fluffy mat on the floor. Small things count. What color should I paint my room door? What can add on it? My name maybe? Suppose your decorating your new room, How would you do it? Pitch in your ideas. Im not on a very strict budget ive been saving every penny i can from past 5 years And my dad agreed to pitch in money.

Please inclue pictures for a better referance

Thank you ^_^

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  • 10 years ago
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    Painting your wood furniture will be a cheaper route to go instead of buying new but be prepared for a lot of work. We just painted our kitchen cabinets and had to sand them use a n oil based primer before we could even think about painting.

    Maybe it's time to go more modern with your furnishings however.

    This is just too cute....


    These are some cool lamps...ill have to save this pic in with my stuff.

    I bought some decorative mirrors from Kohls department store in the shape of butterflies for her room. They had hearts and circle and stuff too. They are nice cause they are sticky back.

    We put them on her closet door around her hooks she uses for her coats towels etc.

    I am not sure if you'd like these comforter sets or not but you'd want your walls and comforter to coordinate. I just pained my room a baby blue and I am having a hard time finding a comforter that I like that will look good with the blue. (I am trying to find something kinda modern looking)

    I love this one but there now way itll go with my baby blue....

    I really like alot of the lawerence home fashions collections for bedding. Check out their website.

    Try to pick your wall color to either match you comforter of look at the color circle and pick the color of the walls as a contrasting color such as...yellow/orange and purple, or yellow with blues and greens.

    If you enjoy crafts here is a cool project I am planning on making for our house. Its a chandelier made out of paper.

    You dont have to use butterflies though. Use what ever large paper punch you chose.

    or you could buy one from Just type in butterfly chandeilier and look through the listings.

    I hope that some of my suggestions have helped. I would love to see pics of your room once its done.

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  • 10 years ago

    You can still have pink and purple. Have you ever thought about a feature wall where you have one wall painted a different shade (a darker shade) then the other walls? Its a good idea to bring more colour into the room without making the room look multicoloured. Wood is a good chose for furniture in the bedroom. It's long lasting, classic and matches with everything. Have you thought about getting some beanbags for when your friends come over? They are better than chairs and can be stored easily if you wanted to put them away. I would definately recommend gettng a tall dressing table aswell. They are very practical. Harveys are having a 50% off sale. It's worth checking it out if you're looking to buy some new furniture or looking for some new ideas:

    Hope this helps! Liz

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  • 10 years ago

    It sounds like you already have some good ideas of what you want.

    Why don't you go to a big box store, Home Depot, Lowes etc and look through some of the design books and check out the paint colour samples?

    Once you find colours you like, you can take the samples home and look at them in your room. That way you can decide what colour to paint walls, furniture trim etc.

    Also look through magazines, and cut out pictures of design ideas and decorative objects that you like. Get a piece of bristol board to paste then onto, that way you see how it all looks together.

    Pretty soon you'll have your own custom design scheme and then you can buy the paint,brushes furniture and accessories and get started!

    Good luck :)

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  • 10 years ago

    If your furniture is wooden already, instead of buying new, why don't you paint it? That will help you to spend your money elsewhere on fun accessories. Just sand it lightly and paint however you can paint the legs of your dresser for example different colors, or each drawer different. Use painters tape to make stripes of different colors if you want. If you love color so much, paint each wall different, but all complimentary. Then you could painters tape on the wall too if u wish to add stripes, blocks of color, or whatever your imagination will let you. Your name would be cool on the door in a really pretty or funky font. Pendant lights (the ones that hang down from a wire) would be fun too, but dad would have to know how to install or if you have the money to hire someone to do it, but that costs a lot more to hire someone and depends on the lights you already have. If you have recessed lighting, it would be a lot easier.

    Good luck; I hope you get lots of ideas!!

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  • 10 years ago

    My daughter has some color changing LED lights that she has outlines her window and some parts of the walls. They go from red to blue with some nice colors in between. Since they are LED they use almost no electricity and don't get hot so I am ok with her leaving them on.

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  • 10 years ago

    I know how living on a budget is, trust me! Here is a great blog that tells you how to decorate your home on a budget: Enjoy!

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