How many versions of the Bible are there in this world?

There is only 1 version of the Holy Quran, but lots of different translations into different languages.

I heard there are lots of versions of the Bible, so how many version is it in total?
Update: @Anubis D:
But the original scripture is only 1 version.
Update 2: @Anubis B:
Version and translation are 2 different meaning.
Update 3: @Desiree B:
You obviously havnt read the Quran and Old Testament, that' why you sounded ignorant.
Update 4: @mother superior:
You are obviously wrong, there is only 1 version of the Holy Quran, and God has revealed in the Holy Quran that it will preserve its authencity till the last day of Judgement.
Update 5: @Itachi:
So what's your question, ask it than?
Update 6: @Corey:
There are no contradictions, where is your proof for your lies?
Update 7: @Corey:
Ibn Waraq is not a Muslim.
Update 8: Why not read the truth:
Update 9: @Open your chakras:
Stop lying you are the iblis, lol.
Update 10: @Lone Dissenter:
You are so old and you are lying, there's only 1 version of the Quran.
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