How many 'Ig Nobel' prizes has China won so far?

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    I am only aware of China winning one Ig Nobel prize, and that was just awarded this year.

    Let's hear it for the Chinese who spent valuable research funds determining that "female fruit bats who perform oral sex on their male partners get more sexual intercourse during their mating."

    Can I get an arousing "Hip Hip HOORAH HAHAHAHAHA!" for that!

    I hope those of the asian persuasion take careful note of this valuable research, and learn to "go a little batty" more often!

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    The Nobel Peace Prize is a Western contest designed to elevate Western figures. China could care less what the West thinks of them. To answer your question though: China has won the biggest prize to date -- Overtaking the world from the colonial imperialists.

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    Charles E. Kao – received ½ prize. Educated and worked in UK before moving to Hong Kong. Now in U.S.

    Chen Ying Nang - Chinese- American ; studied and worked in U.S. since 1949. Returned to China in later years and married a 28 year-old woman while he was 82.

    Gao Xingjian – Chinese-born French citizen

    Daniel Chede Tsui – Chinese- born American. Educated and worked in U.S. since 1958.

    Edmond H. Fisher – Chinese-born Swiss-American; left China at age 7

    Note: These are actual prizes - not lg parody prizes.

  • Rick
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    Charles K. Kao, Physics, 2009

    Gao Xingjian*, Literature, 2000

    Daniel C. Tsui*, Physics, 1998

    Edmond H. Fischer*, Medicine, 1992

    Chen Ning Yang, Physics, 1957

    Tsung-Dao Lee, Physics, 1957

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    Now finally you all find out what i've been doing in my lab when i'm not writing my masterpiece posts mostly on Cross-Strait China y Taiwan relations.

    Now i can have dinner with Henry Kissinger and Dalai Lama together, maybe forget Dalai Lama, just Kissinger.

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