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目前這一批產品程式有更設過(節電) ,滑蓋未拉下時,如先啟動電源會形成正常模式下滑蓋開啟無法啟動(30秒過後即可解除設定),如果使用上不習慣,下一批貨則在更設



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    At present this group of products that have been established (power saving), slip cover is not pulling down, start the power will result in normal mode decline cover open fails to start (30 seconds after unlocks setting), if you are using is not used, the next batch of cargo is located in the more

    This action non-normal operating range, is not sufficient to affect the product's functionality, and this problem does not lie before the specification (AQL), resolution, as usual at xxxx company goods

    Companies need to brave the agreement needs to be translated in English, thank

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    At present this batch of product program has supposed (electricity saving), when the gate has not lagged behind, if will start the power source to be able first to form under the normal pattern gate opening to be unable to start (30 seconds then to relieve hypothesis from now on), if will use is familiar with, the next large stock of goods will suppose This movement unusual operating area, is insufficient to affect the product function, and before this question does not lie, in specification (AQL), therefore xxxx company resolution, produces goods as usual


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