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    Vision & Mission

    遠見和 宗旨.Our Vision我們的遠見

    A world where people who have cerebral palsy or a related neurological condition have the opportunity to participate in the sport and recreational activity of their choice.


    Our Mission我們的任務 Is to promote and develop the means by which people throughout the world can have access to opportunities for participation in sport and recreational activities. We will seek to increase the number of National Members and promote with and through them the value of sport and recreation for those with cerebral palsy or a related neurological condition. We will encourage and facilitate the organisation and running of more World, National and Regional Games.是來促進和開發全世界人們可以有機會參予運動和娛樂活動.我們會尋求增加國內的會員人數,經由他們來推廣運動和娛樂給有腦性麻痺和有相關腦神經疾病者.我們將會鼓勵也贊助舉辦和舉行更多世界性,全國性,區域性的比賽.We will continue to work within the International Paralympic movement to ensure that those we serve are not disadvantaged on the world's sporting stage. We will challenge attitudes and assumptions and will work co-operatively, with other organisations to achieve our vision.我們會繼續在國際傷殘奧運活動下來確保我們服務的人不受國際運動舞台的不公待遇.我們會向敵視和傲慢挑戰,也會和其他組織共同合作來完成我們的遠望 Our Core Values我們的核心價值觀Inclusive: Involving everyone in all that is done and by our actions promoting disabled people's involvment in sports and recreation.


    Athlete centered: Our focus will be driven by our athlete's need's and wishes.


    Partnership: Working with member nations, athletes and other agencies in pursuit of our mission.


    Quality: To do things well, and always to be looking to do them better.


    Openness: We will be open as possible. We will be listen, be open to change and always be open to dialogue. We will share information and make our decision-making transparent.


    Innovative: We will always seek to identify new ways to do things


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