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How is Mission Beach San Diego living like?

I was thinking of moving to Mission Beach San Diego from Chicago. How is the atmosphere there? Age group, activities, safety..

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    Mission Beach is really two distinct places separated by Mission Blvd: the ocean side and the bay side.

    The ocean side is call "the wild side" by locals. It's the seasonal party animal rental crowd who stay up all night partying. If you plan on working, not a good place to live.

    By contrast the bay side is much more mellow with year 'round residents. You can actually live there.

    Since MB is a peninsula with only one through road, traffic is really bad, especially in summer. On major summer holidays the roads are closed in the early morning. It's impossible to live there unless your place comes with a reserved parking spot that isn't shared with someone else. The population density is the highest in the city and everyone lives in small apartments right on top or next to one another.

    Pacific Beach is a much nicer alternative. PB has plenty of housing, plenty of shopping, plenty of restaurants, and plenty of nightlife. If you lived in MB you would spend most of your time in PB to shop, eat, and go out at night. Pacific Beach is a mixture of apartments with college students and young professionals, and single family homes. It's bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Mission Beach, Mission Bay Park, and La Jolla. There are tons of things to do there.

    Source(s): Have close friends who live/own/rent property in MB. Lived for 15 years in PB and La Jolla.
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    I would move to Pacific Beach (92109), which is Mission Bay basically and where The Pacific @ Mission Bay is. There is a wide range of ages in PB, a lot of post college kids, including myself. Most people are 20-30. I just turned 24 and a lot of my friends stayed here after graduation 1.5 years ago so you will meet plenty of people in your age range and in the same situation as you. I've met a lot of people from the east coast, inlcuding NY, that moved out here just to live and work after school. Downtown is the more 25-35 crowd and the more professional type crowd too. The bars and clubs downtown are a lot more expensive and have dress codes. It's more upscale and trendy, but if that's your thing then it would be a good fit. Pacific Beach is a lot more laid back, much cheaper bars and clubs, and more of the younger crowd who don't make tons of money like people downtown. I like PB more, it's chill and less flashy and pretentious than downtown. Pacific Beach/Mission Bay is about 7 miles from Downtown, only like 10 minutes drive time. It's usually around a $20-25 cab ride with tip. There are several bus lines that go downtown that dont take that long either. I live in PB and go downtown every couple of weeks to party, it's not too far or that much trouble at all. Downtwon is very accesible from PB. I grew up in the SF Bay Area and came down here six years ago, I think it's pretty chill and laid back, more so than the Bay Area and SF. It's not crowded or congested like LA and SF, it's still a big city but with kind of a small town feel b/c it's laid back. No one is in a rush, people just want to enjoy the scenery and great weather. Most people here are transplants from somwhere else so people are friendly b/c they're down to kick it and meet new people. You'll probably meet someone from near where you're from. As long as your are outgoing it shouldnt be too hard to meet people. Tons of bars and clubs in PB to meet people. If you play basketball the PB Rec Center usually has games going and you can meet people there or join another sports league. Tons of people partying on the beach during summer where you can meet people. We usually set up our beer pong (or you might call it beirut) table on the beach and always meet randoms that want to play. As long as you give a little effort since you'll be working from home, you shouldnt have trouble meeting some cool people. Anyways, good luck on the move.

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    Lay back. Very nice. If San Diego is your place, I recommend it for sure. The bay and it's events is gonna be the biggest activities. It's also very safe with a diverse age group, mostly young though.

    Source(s): San Diego native.
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    It's real nice.

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