toffee toffee toffee toffee?

what is the toffee the 1 dat is put in to chocolate made of or wat is it? for example is it a kind of peanut or wat

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  • 9 years ago
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    Okay, your question is a bit confusing, so Im gonna guess that your asking what the actually toffee is? Well Toffee is made from combining sugar, water, salt and butter. Its heated up to what we call a hard crack stage. and poured on to a buttered sheet pan to cool. Than they usually break it up and dip in chocolate. Sometimes chopped up almonds are mixed into the toffee.

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    3 years ago

    Love liquorice toffee, so morish, in spite of the shown fact that it has undesired result on abdomen, so decide for creamy trouble-free. Banana toffee yuk! OMG have now in simple terms have been given to dive down the candies! (craftily, out of internet site of the dogs) LOL! Edit: observed above answer and undergo in suggestions the old banana chop up toffee bars, how I enjoyed them!

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