Craptastic credentials! What colleges to apply to?

As application deadlines draw nigh, I find myself becoming stressed over my future prospects. Throughout high school I would be described as an average student. Compared to the typical "CCer", my chances for a prestigious higher education appear dismal. Although my credentials are mundane, it is necessary for me to work with what I have. Personally, I have no allegiance to a particular university. However- I do have some basic criterium in mind when selecting a school.

I am interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in either Economics, Political Science, or Engineering. Additionally, I would prefer a large and active student body and campus. With these broad criteria in mind, which university would best fit my profile? Or since I am 16, and won't be of age come college would it be in my best interest to attend community college for a year or take a gap year and travel?



Senior and Texas Resident

Half Caucasian, Half Asian

94% Cumulative average or a (3.7) GPA

Rank is 200/700, near the top 25%. How important of a factor is class rank in college applications? How can I alleviate my rather poor class rank?



High School Schedule consisted of:

5 years of foreign language (4 years of AP spanish, 1 year of french)

4 years of English (3 of them being pre-ap and AP)

4 years of History (All AP; world geography, World History AP, United States history AP , AP MICRO, AP Government )

4 years of Science (Anatomy&Physiology, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Chemistry & Physics)

4 years of math (Algebra I, II, Geometry, Precalculus)

3 years of technology credit (Web 1, 2, and Graphic Design)

Various other electives

No academic awards aside from "AP scholar".

Extra curricular:

Additional 50 hours of volunteer work at various places (junior, senior)

Volunteer at local library (50 hours)

Member of church group (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)

Member of Spanish Club (Junior, Senior)

Member of Green Cord community service club (Senior)

Treasurer of Business professionals of America (Senior)

Graphic and Design Club (Senior)

Operated a business that designed, implemented, and hosted websites for local clients. Also designed and animated logos.

How should I approach my essay, and finally what are my chances at the following schools? Additionally is there any way where I can include the reason for my slip in grades and class rank during my Junior year? I was diagnosed with mono and was absent for 17 days- 1 day short of having to repeat my junior year due to attendance.

1.University of Texas-Austin

2. Texas A&M

3. Baylor University

4. LSU

5. Penn State

6. University of Massachusetts Amherst

7. U of Michigan Ann Arbor

8. Suny Stonybrook

9. UNC Chapel Hill

10. University of Chicago (Avery huge stretch, however I am inundated with letters and emails from them. Not sure why)


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    You really should get into Louisiana State. I actually think that's a backup school for you.

    You probably will get into UMass, SUNY Stony Brook.

    You stand an okay shot at A&M and Baylor.

    The others what I'd call "high fits" to reaches. You might/might not get into those. You should apply, though. Especially to UT Austin - you're in-state, so it's a bargain, it's a fabulous uni, and it's very very strong in engineering.

    You are a bit young v. a typical college student. But if you'll be 17 when you enter college, I'm not worried about that.

    You can address your junior year drop in grades on your application. Do so, as it might help. Keep it brief - you got mono, but recovered. It impacted your grades, but only temporarily; and they went back to normal the following year.

    I see no reason why you should go to cc first.

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