What can I make with a small block of green clay?

I'm rly bored. the clay is bakeable, I was wondering how to make maybe a ring, something. Inappropriate answers are reported.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You might want to check out several pages at my polymer clay "encyclopedia" site for ideas and lessons on all kinds of things to make, some of which might be naturally green or you could make them green.

    http://www.glassattic.com/polymer/Halloween_etc.ht... (click on St. Patrick's Day)

    http://www.glassattic.com/polymer/Christmas.htm (do Ctrl + F searches on that page for trees, wreaths, etc)

    http://www.glassattic.com/polymer/sculpture.htm (click on Flowers & Leaves, or on Websites >> Whimsical)


    Rings aren't that easy to make totally from polymer clay (especially if you're using one that's weak in thin areas after baking like Sculpey, SuperSculpey, and Sculpey III...and to a lesser extent, FimoSoft), but you can check out various all-clay rings and those made with other mediums plus clay on the Jewelry page:

    http://glassattic.com/polymer/jewelry.htm (click on Rings, near bottom of list)


    Diane B.

    Of course, you could also change the color of the green clay by adding other colors of clay so you'd have more colors, or by mixing in artists' oil paints, shavings of oil pastels, various kinds of powders, etc....or you could put other colors on top of the raw clay with metallic powders and leafing, etc., or after baking with various paints (or you could just "paint over" the entire baked item with acyrlic paints).




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  • 10 years ago

    what do you mean by inappropriate? do you mean like bowls and stuff for smoking out of? kids in my 3d art class all wanted to do it but they never did lol. when i was in 3d art i made my mom a small clay bowl for her desk. i also made a flower pot. i made it black and white. rings are also cool. just remember to glaze it or it will break. if you dont it will come out like glass. but yeah make a cool flower ring or maybe put a peace sign on the top or a ying yang.

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  • 10 years ago

    Look into the animal or bird area. Frog, turtle, praying manatis, a bird. Something in one of those areas as they would take the least amount of clay.

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  • 10 years ago

    you could make a ring...or necklace i guess..that looks like a snake wrapping around

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