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How do I embed a Google map onto my website so people can locate my company address?

You know the square map with the red arrow. I run a B&B and pay to register my business on various tourism websites, most of them use a Google map so potential customers can see my location easily.

On my own website how do I go about incorporating a small square with a Google map and red arrow pinpointing exactly where I'm located? My website is hosted by Webspawner but I maintain/update it myself so I need to know what to do. It would save having to email directions to every person booking in. Anyone know if its free or is there a fee?

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    Please check out my video about "How to embed Google map into website in 4 easy step"

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    step 1 visite :

    step 2 search your address

    step 3 click on [ Link ] button

    step 4 copy embed code and paste into your web page

    for addition help pls comment on my youtube video !!

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    They don't have my street yet. The whole project when I first saw it, it was extremely impressive. But all the other additions generally make it heavier for streaming and they look like cheap video games. Few things are actually useful and can be consider as navigating or information tools. Making a long story sort: Improvements were less satisfying than expected. They should retake pictures with grater resolution from above if they need improvements. They could also arrange that the pictures are taken without clouds and the same hour of the day. Summer if they can. Someone made a world map with satellite pictures like that for Al Gore for his documentary "an inconvenient truth". This would be an improvement!

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    If i come there will you come to bed with me and i'll give you breakfast in bed then.Sorry but i don't know much about modern techology myself.When i went to school the match hadn't been invented--EDIT-What about Google earth.You can send a photo of the area location from Google Earth and send it by email to your website and then put it onto the website.There is an EMail button at the top of the google earth page

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    Right im a web designer and this would take forever to explain:

    Google says it better:

    You will want the Static Maps API its the fastest and easiest.

    Good luck, If you need any help just drop me a mail.

    Im sure my account has the option open to receive emails for users.

    Just incase this helps you can just post a link to your where abouts like this:

    Now all you would need to do was make that link a clicky on the page and it would work

    All I did to find the link was at the top right of the google map of your place a "link" button can be found.

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    Hi there,

    This is a good link for downloading Google Earth for free

    I have been using it for years

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