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i believe my boyfriend is a sociopath or extreme narcissist.. he can be overly aggressive during sex and thats really all he cares about.. sex. hes completely full of himself but on many occasions he will make me feel like im a god. im honestly not even sure if he loves me.. should i just leave him

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    you didn't mention why you were interested in leaving him, the rough sex, not sure if he loves you or that he makes you feel like a God at times..... if you enjoy being with him great. all couples have up and down days and that is the norm.

    if he is diagnosed as an anti-social personality with narcissist tendencies, only you know if he is the man you want to spend your time with.

    may i suggest your read the book The Sociopath Next Door for an education into this type of mental illness and what happens to their family/friends/partners.

    great sex isn't such a big deal when a person is using and abusing. someday you may want someone who cares deeply about you and puts you first instead of a person who only thinks of you when he wants something from you. don't let your self-worth get lost, you are number one.

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    I dont think you gave enough information about his behavior for me to give you an opinion. Narcissists can not love. They are blindly in love with themselves through their grandiose fantasies. They can not care about anyone but themselves and a true narcissist will not have friends. Narcissism is more common in men. A narcissistic man or sometimes women will see themselves as omnipotent, a "sex god" and will want people to hate them, fear them, admire them.. (also known as narcissistic supply: they want attention for the bad things they do, "players" "drug dealers") The great sex is not for you, its for them. They have to perform at the very best so they show themselves how good they are at it. Everything they do is for themselves, they may be very sexually confident but its really just selfishness.

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    9 years ago

    You don't need our permission to dump the loser.

    It's a good idea.

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