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World of Warcraft - Whats the best DPS Class out of Druid, Hunter, Mage and Warlock?

Yeah so i know what some people will say "all classes can do good dps its just their gear".

lets say all those classes had the same gear. Which one would pull off the Best PVE Dps?

I want a ranged dps class


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    Here are the variables that effect DPS:

    1) How each class is coded. (This is basically what you asking about. Which one is inherently more powerful based on the game developers decisions.)

    2) Gear.

    3) Skill (and/or knowing how to do rotations).

    4) The particular fight in question. (For just ONE example: Some bosses involve a lot of running, and some classes do damage on the move better than others. This one is actually HUGE; way more important than people think.)

    5) Latency. (Both computer and internet.)

    You are asking the users of Yahoo!Answers to isolate variable number 1, and tell you what the results are. We can’t do that. Some people may give you a direct answer, but they’re stating their opinion, which might only be based on the players in their guild alone.

    Some people SWEAR that Hunters are the best and they are not lying. Another person SWEARS it’s a Mage instead, and they are not lying. Both are telling the truth; but they can both be wrong. Especially when you realize that on some fights Hunters do more, and on other fights Mages do more. (See point number 4 above.)

    Even the GAME DEVELOPERS themselves don’t know your answer. All the variables work together. This causes all kinds of wacky results.

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    So far the Druid is the more OP out of any of the other classes and when they are completely geared out it gets a little ridiculous. Especially since you want it mainly for PvE rather than PVP. The Druid has the ability to Tank, DPS, and Heal at lower levels, and with the right points in the right trees till you hit 40 and can duel spec, it'll get you through quite a bit and pretty quickly.

    However, a lot of changes will be accruing with Cataclysm and that very well might change again.

    Also I do agree with the first poster, that even with amazing gear there are still players that suck simply because they don't know how to play their own class. Best of luck :)

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    Mage. not only are they fun to play but they're farm machines once you get enough points into a good frost spec. everyone loves a mage, free buffets and a brains buff too? who could ask for anything more?

    mages are easier to play well than a warlock and they don't get the hybrid tax like druid. hunters are good too but they're a bit of a bore. i just prefer not to play a class that has a pet, but that's just me.

    for raiding mages are by far the best class. unfortunately our guild doesn't have any good mages :(

    in order of raid strength (and assuming they have equal gear):





    but our guild also has a little joke. the problem with the toon is between the chair and the keyboard.

    skill is a huge factor in playing well. this goes for tanking healing or dps. if you suck at a class you suck and you may as well roll a class that is your niche.


    see you in azeroth!

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    If you want a simple ranged, go with either Hunter or Mage. Mage statistically is the best caster, sacrificing survivability for raw dps. Warlocks shine in PVP For having good survivability for the sarcrifice of DPS.

    Hunters are effectivly a melee but at range, very similar to warlocks but use arrows instead of spells.

    Read up for whats up in catacyslm, that could help your decision too :)

    Good luck, feel free to email me:D


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    In my opinion mage would be the best but like everyone has said its the player so it will end up being whatever you like the best is what you will do the best on. I have a mage thats less or about the same geared as a druid that i know and we are always fighting over the dps they are so close that it has to do with real skill and timing. my mage in icc pulls more dps in almost half the fights but he beats me in the other half so it has to do with timing skill and your spec. fire/arcane mages are pro but you have to be realy geared to raid as fire so i raid as arcane. the problem with arcane is that you need to know the roation and the biggest problem and is why i get dps is i got pop mana gem Blood Elf mana tap and evocate during the fights to have enough mana to go through the fight.

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    Going by World of Logs parses, given pretty much full best-in-slot gear from Icecrown Citadel, Fire and Arcane mages are way out in front of the other ranged specs on most fights. Even without full BIS gear, they're still ahead.

    They both have the advantage of being dead easy to play, too; Arcane's rotation is basically 'use Arcane Missiles if Missile Barrage procs, otherwise use Arcane Blast', and Fire is 'keep Scorch/Living Bomb up, use Hot Streak on Pyroblast when it procs, use Fireball otherwise'.

    Before you go off and level one, keep in mind that Cataclysm comes out in a couple of months, and what works at 80 in full ICC purples probably won't work at 85 in quest blues and greens. (In particular, Arcane is getting nerfed quite a bit, while Beast Mastery hunters are making a comeback after being subpar for all of WOTLK.)

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    Nooo, its not their gear.

    Its the player, if you don't know how to play your class, doesn't matter how good your gear is.

    But lately I've noticed the druids have really been topping the DPS charts... I've never played druid so I don't really look into their current builds and stuff and can't explain why, just what I have noticed.

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    Personally I like my hunter. Tame a good beast that can tank and keep them from you as you shoot the crap outta them. I love my mage too because I went fire with him. I did die a bit as I learned how to play him, but thats the only way to learn. Die a lot and keep trying.

    As several people have said, it is all about you. Just because you can whoop with a pally, does not mean you'll be good with any of the ones you listed. Take time to learn how to utilize the toon you choose.

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    My personal experience (at lower levels for this) is the 'lock. I don't like runing them (hence the limited experience) but they do seem to do a lot of damage quite early on in the game.

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