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Which ptc site pays most to click an advertisement?

I want to earn money fast from paid to click sites.So I want to know which pays most and is not a spam

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    I use

    It pays $0.01 for each click and there are around ten sites to click everyday.

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    Most PTCs pay 0.005-0.02 per click. Here you can find a few to start off : Take into account that the ones that pay more have less ads you can click per day, so it doesn't mean you'll get more money in the end. Trey the new ones, like icebux because the old ones are used too much and you won't be able to find referrals. Good luck!

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    Well my friend, if you want to earn fast money through PTC sites then you need to invest considerable amount of money before getting profits.

    I will recommend you neobux to you if you are thinking of making investment. Invest min. $500 and i am sure you will get back all your money along with profits very soon.

    But please be beware that you have to work daily to get the profits out of Neobux. Daily half an hr would do.

    If you would like to carry forward with PTC do signup will my link as it wont hamper you. Also i could tell u best tips to get highest ROI if u will sign up under me.

    Here is my link

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