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Stances on nuclear weapons?

I'm writing an essay about a controversial issue, and I choose nuclear weapons.

I have to address different views on the subject. Care to help me out?

Mostly I need to know the stance of people who support nuclear weapons (and maybe even why they're wrong, considering that I believe nuclear weapons should be dismantled)

Thank you!

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    I think the all nuclear countries should commit to a reduction in the number of nuclear weapons available, we should not, however, get rid of all nuclear weapons because we may need them in the future if our survival or a nations survival depended on the use of a nuclear weapons which i would NEVER condone but if it is a situation of use one or die then obviously my mind is open to the possible use of one, but anything other then that absolutely no way.

    Nuclear weapons have only ever been used once in history and that was Hiroshima and the devastation that caused should scare the leaders of the world to never use one again, 140,000 people died in an instant, one survivor i saw on the news recently said that they were told to get under the desks at school and then they saw a flash of light and a huge fireball hurling towards them at unprecedented speeds, she says she thought it was the end of the world, god knows how she survived but she did.

    I do not support nuclear weapons but there is two sides to the argument that you could write about really, as i said we may need to use one in the future to secure the safety and security of a nation or even secure the continuity of humanity (asteroid deflection theory). I do not agree that nations around the world have access to such powerful weapons, i do not agree that someone should hold the power to kill millions of innocent people, i do not agree that someone can play God and decide who lives and who dies, no one should have that amount of power, no one should hold the key to millions of people's survival. Nuclear weapons have to be dramatically reduced in numbers, the US recently declared that they have 51000 nuclear weapons ready for launch a thousands more in stockpile, potentially the US has about 6000-10000 nuclear weapons, to put that into context and this should scare you and send a shiver down your spine, the US has the power to destroy the world, they have the power to exterminate Humanity, they have the ability to destroy every country, 100+ times over.

    Another reason that i do not support Nuclear weapons is that they are pushing us to the brink of nuclear war, the first nuclear war in the history of Humanity and if Nuclear war did commence then it would be the last war we fight because Humanity would be pushed over the brink of extinction with no chance of survival. The prospect of Nuclear war has been slashed across the media over the last year or so, North Korea have often threatened to "wipe out" the US, they have often threatened to "annihilate South Korea" and they often make threats that if they are attacked or if the US continue to bully them by sanctioning and isolating them they will declare a "sacred war" by which they mean that will launch a nuclear weapon at America, Iran are accused to trying to acquire a nuclear weapon and they often threaten to "wipe the US off the face of the Earth" and "wipe out" Israel, Fidel Castro, former Cuban president says that the threat of nuclear conflict has never been greater then at the time of the Cuban missile crisis, so he is basically saying we are on the brink of Humanity's first nuclear war and wrong wrong move by America or Israel could push us over the brink.

    So in conclusion i do not agree with nuclear weapons and i would never condone the use of one unless absolutely necessary, i believe that we are playing God with other people's lives, we are playing God with the continuity of the Human race, i believe that Humanity could very well make itself extinct if things move up a level and the use of a nuclear weapon is authorized, we have to work to reduce numbers, we have to work for a safer world, we have to work so that the next generation and the one after that have no need to fear such weapons and such threats to their survival.

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    I believe that Nuclear weapons are needed in a controlled situation. We would not be fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past nine years. A well placed bomb would have ended the conflicts within a few months as opposed to years. Governments and people respect others who are strong.

    As Americans we have become guilty about everything. We are weak because of our politicians, the dreamy liberals who want to give flowers to the worst in our society. Nuclear weapons should be used as a last resort.

    Source(s): My belief.
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    the reason you don't speak Russian is because of nuclear weapons....its also the reason your even allowed to ask this very question....no matter what you feel about nuclear weapons they are still the reason you enjoy the life and freedom you have today.....you can try and kid your self all you want.....nuclear weapons keep America free...

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