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after applying weed and feed, how long should I keep my dogs off it?

Pennington winterisor weed and feed, I have two very small dogs. How long after applying can the dogs play on it?

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    I am pretty sure it says something like 24 hours after it has dried. But personally I would avoid letting my dog back on it till after a good rain fall and then let it dry. Look you aren't going to be able to prevent ever bad thing your dog walks in or chews on but if you know that you just put a poison out on the lawn stay off it till it has been washed away some.

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    Once it is dry you can use the yard again but it needs at least an inch of water to be effective. The key word is a good soaking. If he did not apply an inch of water to this then it is not safe for the dog to be on. Go water the grass for at least an hour if you are allowed to water for over 15 minutes in your town or city. Check for water restrictions first and then water the grass and then once it is dry you will be OK. At our dog park they have us wait 24 hours because they use a strong pesticide.

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    Look at the back of the package - there will be a toll free number to call - or directions.

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    My son is a landscaper and he says it would be safe as soon as it dries.

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  • 9 years ago

    read directions on bag

    i would guess 48 hours

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