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Do you think Cuban Olympians who turn pro get embraced more from Americans than other great Olympians?

For example Pirog , Korobov , Golovkin , Povetkin , Wladimir Klitschko among others have been phenomenal Olympians and amateurs but they are not embraced in USA but on the other hand they are even (hated) disliked by many fans (in this forum for sure)

Now Gamboa , Rigoundeux or Solis seem to be embraced from Americans to the point you would think they are Americans and not Cubans!

Another example , phenomenal Olympian greats such as Stevenson and Savon are very famous in the US (media and fan base) but phenomenal Olympian greats as Papp , Lagutin , Kulej or the great Saitov who humiliated every American and Cuban there was are either unknown or ignored!

Teofilo Stevenson called Americans a country of 300 million greedy pigs and i doubt that American media have even make known this fact :)

Someone could explain me please this odd situation in the great land of freedom and free speech of all races , sexes and religions?:)

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    time will tell TP, TIME WILL TELL the all american continent will massively appreciate other non-american OLYMPIANS or non-OLYMPIANS who greatly turn PRO, on the condition that, these non-american continent great boxers can be HANDLED WELL, SINCERELY EMULATED or UNTIRELY SUPPORTED ALL THE way by a great-loving american boxing promoters and handlers with fair, balanced, faith in what i may call naturalness genuine love for BOXING as a sports aficionado crossing all borders of nationality - as long as that BOXER great as he is POSSESSES qualities and traits ON AND OFF THE RING such as EXCITING, CHARISMATIC, WORLD APPEAL TO EVERY SPORTS FANS not only boxing (this is rare and in my opinion ONE BOXER has only achieved this "CROSSING THE BORDERS" heights in popularity - Muhammad Ali, known in every walks of life, boxing and non-boxing sports fans all over the world be it, OLD, YOUNG, UGLY, BEAUTIFUL, MEDIOCRE, CELEBRITIES, NON-CELEBS, POOR, RICH, SLUMS, HOODS, PLUSH VILLAGES, WHITE/BLUE COLLAR WORKERS, CEO's, DOCTORS, PROFESSIONALS, BANKERS, POLITICIANS, ROBBERS, KILLERS, SMUGGLERS, PRIESTS, NUNS, TAOISTS, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, EASTERN BLOC, SOCIALIST BLOCS, FREE COUNTRIES, etc.., KNOW WHAT I MEAN?)...

    in short, Europeans, Asians, South Americans, Africans, splintered Russian republics - all deserving boxing greats that are, and yet upcoming will have their RIGHT TIME for the boxing haven of the world - the AMERICAN BOXING ARENA...

    ...only of course, THAT ELUSIVE AMERICAN great boxing promoters/handlers WILL go out of the U.S. and sincerely BRING THESE non-american greats MORE CLOSER TO AMERICAN people on a fair, balanced, equal footing rights and RECOGNITION in this great boxing arena of the world -

    THE U.S.A. ringside perimeter - THE WAY I LOOK AT IT, BY NOW, this haven of boxing arena is not ANYMORE IMPREGNABLE - now, it BECOMES VULNERABLE...


    i believe though CUBANS ARE OR WITH THE CAPACITY TO OVERSHADOW even today's European heavyweights - this country, CUBA has never been massively and scouted heavily...

    as i have said before in my blogs - STILL CUBANS are one of the most feared in boxing, next to Mexicans...

    '"paises con el diablo guerreros del boxeo" ( countries with devil boxing warriors...)



    U.S.A., MEXICO, THEN CUBA... era after era ONLY this arrangement is only broken, at time interval GREAT TIME AS IT IS with the coming of KLITSCHs... Pacquiao, Lennox, Haye...

    who else could POSSIBLY NAME names? you are articulate with the non-american boxing greats, kido!!

    DONT BE TOO SAD IF AMERICAN BOXING AFICIONADOS have more hearts to Cuban boxing greats than in other countries like in European continents, AS JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE LOCATION.... geographical-wise.... maybe, u wont never really know the reason....


    CUBA, "casas delos grandes guerreros del boxeo" - home of the great boxing warriors!!


    Source(s): Edit @TP: you have mentioned LASZLO PAPP, by the way... he's my idol and without much ado and doubt, he's got to be at the top 5 spot in ALL TIME BOXING GREATS just like Rocky, SRayR, M.Ali, Ric Lopez, et.al. do u think son, TP - if only GOD ALMIGHTY has given me the chance to co-exist with Papp at his time and was a Filipino multi-millionnaire (in terms of USDollars, of course) and was a boxing aficionado when he existed AND I have HAD THE CHANCE TO FULLY SPOT HIM IN THE EASTERN BLOC, I WOULDNT DO ANYTHING TO GIT HIM OUTTA THERE and bring him to the U.S. great of A, for the massive campaign? i wouldnt waste my time... i shall fight that cruel govt to git LAZSLO PAPP out of Eastern bloc to campaign massively in the US - he's a great boxing "JEWEL" as i can see in clips in his time, son... BOXING RECORDS WOULD BE REWRITTEN WITH HIS NAME on the topspot for the BOXING HISTORY'S AMONGST THE 5 ALLTIME GREATS.... jj kepweng jeddah... (those who have not seen his clips, u must see one them, boys !! IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE TO APPRECIATE EASTERN BLOC GREAT BOXERS...) @JohnS - ditto, he's got the right explanation as what we are supposed to understand, expect and think about - accurately... it's just like, "what will boxing world be? without europeans, cubans and other non-americans competing in the great boxing haven for say, 50 years? d'you think we will be having authentic "world-tested" great boxers for that period without encountering any of these great boxers producing countries? jun kepweng jeddah...
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    As mentioned by Mr. Blackfists I believe it has to do with the fact that Cubans are a rarity in the sport due to the whole situation with Cuba. European world champions are a dime a dozen in the sport and fighters come out of Europe all the time. But due to the situation with Cuba we don't get to see as many fighters from them. It's such a travesty that we will always have to wonder what could have been with fighters like Lazlo Papp, Teofilio Stevenson, and Felix Savon, but since Gamboa, Ringondeux, and Solis escaped we don't have to wonder what could have happened with these gold medalists.

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    Dude, Korobov and Povetkin are both well known and people respect them. Klitschko has been around forever, and people give him non-stop credit/respect as well (especially American Media), but his style is not something that appeals to casual American fans which enables some people to criticize him. Everyone likes Povetkin and also praised him non-stop ever since he turned pro, but some didn't like that he turned down his fight with Wladimir. Korobov is signed with Top Rank, and all Americans who follow Boxing know who he is and that he is a great prospect in the pro ranks. Pirog had never fought in America so he wasn't well known before, but people know him now and he has gotten nothing but praise after his last performance.

    Gamboa, Rigondeaux and Solis all have crazy amateur and Olympic credentials. Especially Rigondeaux, who had 400 fights and two gold medals. Those guys are clearly going to get more praise because they fight in the Amateurs so long and clearly have the best accomplishments there that people are anxious to see them in the professional game. Not to mention they all have the story of having to escape Cuba and defect to America which makes you want to root for them. You don't see Pirog, Korobov, Povetkin or Klitschko fighting for titles within their first 15 fights either, and all of the Cuban prospects are moved quickly and confidently because they are clearly so polished. Gamboa fought for a belt in his 14th fight. Rigondeaux is already fighting for a title belt and he has only SIX fights on his record. That is why people are quickly embracing him, because he is clearly that good and his handlers are not afraid to throw him in with great competition so early in his pro career.

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    Cuba is a 3rd world country with good boxing talents and Cuban fighters get embraced because they are very poor and oppressed by their government and are not allowed to go pro and make a better life for themselves so everyone felt bad for them.

    The europeans that could not go pro had other options other than boxing like going to a nice school, and getting a good education to do other things while cuban boxers cannot unless they defect or are smuggled out of Cuba.

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