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Who should I inform about the pregnancy?

I am about 6 months pregnant by a guy who has left me out to dry. He is a professional skier and has gone back to his hometown of Ottawa to start a new life. He has since gotten a new girfriend, and I don't think he has told his parents. He will be leaving for Europe soon for the World Cup circuit. I have contact information for both his parents and his girlfriend. Should I tell them about this and say that he will have a son in a few months?


He has confirmed he is the father. He even signed a legal document saying so. But he said he won't be involved and he is acting like this child will not exist. I just believe that those in his life deserve to know. The grandparents might want to get to know their son and the girlfriend should know what kind of "man" she is dealing with.

Update 2:

*grandparents might want to get to know their grandson*

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    Yes, you should, you have to take responsibility for your actions and so does he, he is the father and he deserves to know, he might try and fight it by demanding a DNA test to be done, so have one done to confirm that he is the father.

    It happened to me, I met this wonderful guy, and while we were dating, his ex, the girl he met before me, was 6 months pregnant, he broke it off with me, I did not know why, I was crushed, but he had a DNA test done, and he was and is the father, and he had to do what he had to do, it took me a long time to get over it, but he, like your boyfriend, had to be a man and take care of his responsibilities. It is just a part of life, so I would tell him, he needs to know.

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    YES, he has a right to know. and your child has a right to know who his father is, think about your son! it's not fair on him if he doesn't know his dad even though he seems like an idiot. let him be involved because he will need to support your son and when your son is old enough he can decide whether he wants to see him or not.

    P.S make sure you tell his parents AND his new girlfriend, don't let him get out of the responsibility of raising a child, im sure his parents might say a few words to him or even his girlfriend if they are decent people. no child shouldn't be without 2 parents!

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    I would say no. I don't think that will make the situation any better. After you tell them, they'll call their son to validate your story and of course, they'll believe him over you. If he really is the father of your baby, then I think the only thing you can do is wait until the baby is born and then get him to take a court ordered paternity test. Then you can make him pay you child support. Unfortunately, without a paternity test, you can't force him or his family to talk to you or take action, since the two of you aren't married.

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this by yourself! Good luck!

    **It's obviously up to you whatever you decide, you just need to be prepared for it not to go the way you plan, if you decide to tell the grandparents and girlfriend. You need to be prepared for it to blow up in your face, just in case. I don't believe that it's your place to tell them, though.***

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    If the bastard left you out to dry, you should wait until the day prior to the beginning of the competition, and then inform the parents AND the girldfriend. You may not gain anything in monetary terms, but just to disrupt this POS's game plan would be more than worth the aggravation... revenge is a dish that is best served COLD.

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    If he's really such a loser to leave a pregnant woman do you want him involved in your childs life? Take it from a person who has seen the many woes of visitation, you are better off just keeping him out of your life. You can raise your child as you please, not send them on visitation with a man who doesn't care enough about them to stick around and can you even imagine the emotional distress you would be causing your sweet innocent child by doing that to them? I would leave well enough alone and thank your lucky stars you are the one in control of this. Pray he doesn't ever come back and try to have anything to do with the baby.

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    Tell his parents, leave his girlfriend out of it, its not really her fault

    not saying its his parents fault but its their grandchild they have a right to know

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    tell his family and new girlfriend. she might dump his douchebag-***, you'll get child support, and some loving grandparents to your baby :)

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    Yeah lol :)

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