Comic Book Bugs Bunny's Kite Fun Book Value?

I found a Bugs Bunny Kite Fun Book and was wondering if anyone knew the value of it. It is a comic book measuring about 5" x 7" , dated 1959 published as a Public Service by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. I can't find any value information on the internet, called a local antique dealer who said he couldn't find a value but probably worth only $5 and another dealer I called said he knew about them, would come right over and went from offering me $5 to $20 in the space of 1 minute. All I wanted and told both of them, was a value, not to sell it to them. The guy that came over danced around that question, so thought the great Yahoo community could help me out here. Thanks!

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    Based on my experence (I probably have the largest collection of Kite Fun Books around,) you would probably get between $10 (for poor condition) to $50 (for NM) on ebay. Kite Fun Books were issued each year by Western through about 18 different utilities, between 1953 and 1986 They tend to me in low supply, but also low demand (except for 1954 Donald Duck.) This is one of the years that a cache hasn't been found of yet. Some years (1955 Brer Rabbit, 1966 Secret Squirril, and all years 1969-1986) are easily avalable. This year isn't. More information than you could want to know is avaliable in my Registry set at CGC.

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    My copy of the Overstreet Guide from 2007 lists it at $6 in 2.0 (good) condition, $65 in 9.2 (NM-).

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