SSD vs HDD AGAIN (Please read its actually quite interesting)?

Ok so i have heard a lot about SSDs and i have even seen an SSD whip the butt of a 7.2k RPM HD

but which one will win in this scenario:

Latest Samsung SSD


2 x 10k RPM HDD

w/ RAID 0 Performance

(for a total of 20k RPM)

So which one will be faster? The SSD or the two Hard drives?

Oh yeah and i have another question about RAID 0 and RAID 1 for SSDs;_ylt=Ajg2S...

Please answer both questions, Thanks!


Aww ok if you say so (a guy told me it can be up to 20k rpm xDDD, srry never used RAID so cant know)

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  • Adrian
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    1 decade ago
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    The SSD may peak better than the raid0, but sustained writes, I'm voting the raid 0. That's because I run a pair of 10k drives in Raid0. Peak reads are close to 240MB/s, close to many of the top SSDs. SSD is usually slower in writes. In some cases, depending on the SSD make/model, my raid0 is much faster....

    A pair of 10k in raid0 just give double the SATA bandwidth for data transfers (twice as many disk buffers, twice as many heads reading data, twice the bits passing under the disk heads per second). Add a third Raid0 disk, and your peak will increase close to 50% once more...

    Of course, SSD in raid0 will probably be the fastest.... However, I still feel SSD are in the early stages of becoming regular, reliable media. There are still too many "bad block" replacements on those...

    SSD will get faster and more reliable over time, no doubt about that. However, at this time, I felt 10k disks in Raid0 were my best bang for the buck, for a desktop PC anyway... The weak part of 10k rpm disks, or any disk, is rotational latency - SSD has very little latency. A lot of random reads and writes will be faster on SSD for the same transfer rates.

  • Arie
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    1 decade ago

    Two 10.000RPM hard drives do not make a total of 20.000RPM, it does not work that way. Both hard drives will be used at the same time, although not all the time, but the read and write speeds do not compare to the speed of a SSD, also because the SSD can access several files at the same time, whereas a hard drive cannot.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the ssd will beat the 2 hdds.

    and there are no real world speed gains to be had from raid0, it's a myth.

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