Can you cite me the name of some Black inventors?

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    George Alcorn - Nathaniel Alexander - Virgie Ammons


    Benjamin Banneker - Janet Emerson Bashen - Patricia Bath - Andrew Jackson Beard - Miriam E. Benjamin - Edmond Berger - Henry Blair - Bessie Blount - Sarah Boone - Otis Boykin - Charles Brooks - Phil Brooks - Henry Brown - Marie Brown - Robert Bryant - John Albert Burr


    George Washington Carver - George Carruthers - Benjamin S. Carson - Emmett W. Chappelle - John Christian - Donald Cotton - David Crosthwait


    Mark Dean - Ronald Demon - Joseph Hunter Dickinson - Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus - Charles Richard Drew


    Thomas Elkins - Philip Emeagwali



    Sarah E. Goode - Meredith C. Gourdine - George Grant

    H, I

    Lloyd Augustus Hall - Joycelyn Harrison


    Augustus Jackson - Thomas L. Jennings - Jack Johnson - Lonnie Johnson - Willis Johnson Frederick Jones - Marjorie Stewart Joyner - Percy Lavon Julian - Everett Just


    Roscoe Koontz


    Lewis Howard Latimer - Joseph Lee -John Lee Love


    Jan Ernst Matzeliger - Elijah McCoy - Alexander Miles - Ruth Miro - Garrett Morgan

    N, O

    Lyda Newman

    P, Q

    Alice Parker - Traverse Benjamin Pinn - Willam Purvis


    Lloyd P Ray - Cordell Reed - Louis Roberts - Norbert Rillieux


    Walter Sammons - Henry Sampson - Jerry Shelby - Richard Spikes - John Standard - Thomas Stewart - Rufus Stokes

    T, U, V

    Lewis Temple Valerie Thomas -John Henry Thompson

    W, X, Y, Z

    Madame Walker - James Edward West -John Thomas White - Doctor Daniel Hale Williams - Paul E. Williams - Joseph Winters - Granville Woods - Stanley Woodard - Kevin Woolfolk

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    The is only one Black "inventor" ....... the rest are made-up by the NAACP , al sharpton , jesse jackson and the like !! This site debunks the "Black Inventor" myth with the names of the REAL inventors !!

    Back to the lonely "one Black inventor" ..........

    Rochester Byrnes Williamson (1897 - 1988) , a resident of Maryland , invented the Nose Hair Trimmer when he was 34 years old . It was an instant success which netted him almost $60,000 ....... a princely sum in the `30`s ........... especially for a Black !

    When he was 88 years of age , he met and married the former Edna Freebish ....... a White 22 year old stripper from Schenectady , after a short whirlwind courtship .

    Edna spent Rochester`s fortune on lavish clothing , drinking , and gambling .......... and when the money was gone , so was Edna !!

    Rochester died completely broke on july 17th , 1988 .

    The funeral was attended by only 3 people ......... his Butcher ..... a Tax Collecter , and an old lady who wandered in by mistake ...............

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    Google Black Inventions.

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    1 decade ago

    Can you cite me the names of ALL Black inventors? Not just some!

    Source(s): @white knight-stfu! Why are you worried about me? The dumb bytch is the one who had you along with this hoogie who ask this question!
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    I work in a library and we have books SPECIFICALLY on black inventors. They're somewhere in the 620s, if you wanna go to your local and look it up.

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    There are none. The below link is about black invention myths.

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    Afrocentric historical revisionists...

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    A black guy invented peanut butter. Thats about it I think.

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    aunt jemima invented pancakes and uncle ben invented rice.

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    Candi, why don't you post them you dumb b*tch? you're the one always talkin about how great blacks are and how bad whites are.

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