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JWs: A disfellowshipped Witness and former Bethelite admitted to chronic masturbation?

He said that while he was still a "believer" he was whacking off in the bathrooms at Bethel like multiple times a day. He said pretty much everyone was. He also said there was a lot of homo-erotic rough-housing going on. Do you think this is true?

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    Sexual repression produces sexual perversion.

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    While an occasional baptized witness strays from the path he chose to follow the elders handle

    these and any other situation from a scriptural standpoint which includes disfellowshipping one

    who is caught or admits to such behavior but what you are saying about it being done by "pretty

    much everyone there' is an out an out lie. Many that are there are married and there for a short


    Those who are long term members and those in charge will keep Jehovah's earthly organization

    clean and free from such filth as Jehovah said nothing being done in secret can be hid from him

    and he himself will make it known.

    These are gross and liable statements that you are making without absolute proof. Subject to

    investigation and charges that befit the circumstances. If all you have is a disillusioned disfellow-

    shipped statement I would find better proof before I would quote him as it being fact although you

    are asking it in the form of a question. Make known your source or take what the source said with a

    " grain of salt" to say the least and forget him as being a unrealiable person to talk to.

    The priest of the Catholic church are many in number and yet there is only a small precentage

    of a precentage that have committed homosexual acts within the church. That does not make

    the entire organization unclean unless they knew what was happening and tried to cover it up

    when it was exposed by reliable sources.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses no doubt have a very clean organization that rids itself of those who

    slip through the cracks and reveal themselves as for what they are; practicing sinners. Yet once

    they seek forgiveness and meet all that is required of them they can be reinstated but many never

    do for Satan has placed before them more than they are willing to avoid.

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    I doubt it. I have met many from Bethel and they were not the type. In fact all were married except one. Not everyone in this world has unbridled sexual desires. They would have been exposed on the biases they are telling others and thus would have been removed. No one ever said Jehovah's people are perfect, that is the protection that reproof and disfellowishiping bring.2 Timothy 3:16-17

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    well, unless he was willingly dis-fellowshipped as part of a reprove, he would likely take out anger on the society by making false or simply assumed allegations against people in it.

    Jesus was falsely accused before he was impaled on the torture stake.

    Then again, thats if that this story is even true. When it comes to the internet, i don't trust claims (of any kind) which don't cite reliable sources(of which those sources should have reliable sources)

    And i have to agree with one of the answers above, EVERYBODY has weaknesses, we all battle our own battles daily, whether your a JW or not.

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    1 Peter 4:4-5, 4 Because YOU do not continue running with them in this course to the same low sink of debauchery, they are puzzled and go on speaking abusively of YOU. 5 But these people will render an account to the one ready to judge those living and those dead.

  • People are people & sinners sin but God will expose them in the end & clean out the rubbish.

    It maybe true people with bad hearts have been in every religion , they will be exposed before the end.

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    Not only do I believe it's true, but I fail to care as well. How does this behavior affect you personally?

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    I'm not hearing anything particularly remarkable. Boys whacking off and grabbing each others stuff.

    What's not to believe?

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    what was the reason for this person to say such things? if the person was doing such it is his weakness and should try to resist; most guys--believers or not share this behavior. Is it true, not there to have witnessed such behavior

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    It is a pity you cant put your time and effort to the TRUTH

    as you do such slanderous LIES!

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    A man masturbating -- wow, now THAT'S front page

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