If someone is on Social Security Disability in the state of Pa. are they allowed to work a few hours a week?

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    Yes. But they MUST report it! The government has a back to work program ( see SS web site)and if the person tries to work they will help them and let them continue to collect benefits so if it proves too much for their disability to work they will still have it.

    Very different than welfare or unemployment which dump you like a hot potato when you try a job which may or may not work out.

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    Source(s): $2642/Month Disability Benefits : http://disability.ohfos.com/?TMG
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  • Kini
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    When I was on SSD I found out you can work through the Ticket to Work program that Pres. Clinton started. Your earnings are limited. Check it out.


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  • Dan H
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, but it must be reported and it MAY reduce your benefit. Check with the SSA for your particular case.

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