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Where will head coach John Fox be next year?

We all got to admit he is a good coach

as a panthers fan i would love for him to stay in carolina, however in sure he wants out

i thinking he'll be in cleveland, jacksonville, or maybe even tampa bay

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    I think he'll go to Cleveland.

    Him and Jake Delhomme already got a relationship and Delhomme is obviously very familiar with the system.

    I like John Fox but his system can only work if you have a good defense including pass rush(which is what Carolina lacks) and a good Offensive line complete with at least two options at wide reciever to use running, conservative and slot plays. With our players like Julius Peppers, Moose, Harris and Otah(injured) out; it makes John Fox's style of play very blurred and misinterpreted with many missing assignments especially on the offensive end.

    Carolina needs a coach that can rebuild the team of young players. Browns need a coach that has a decent system.

  • 9 years ago

    Sadly... I think he will be a casualty of the team falling apart too quickly. The only things worth saving in Carolina right now are the beaches, some of the food, and that Running game (oh, and perhaps Steve Smith... the is still a real MANS MAN).

    They may possibly join the myriad of teams in line for the Bill Cowher Bowl.

  • Jim G
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    9 years ago

    NBC Analyst to replace Cowher who goes to Giants after they finish 7-9

  • 9 years ago

    I think he will take a year off and then see what happens. With the looming lockout there is no reason to jump right back into coaching.

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