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I am thinking about moving to florida?


i am currently living in London. But i seriously need a break from here, as i had a sort of bad luck lately. I was thinking about going to Florida for about 3 months, because for living there for more than that i need a visa, but anyway, i think a 3 months break would just be right. But i was wondering, is it easy to find a place there to live, i would be thinking about some flat share, or so. and do you think i would be ok to find some job, dont really care what, as i dont have a permit, i would just want something for paying my rent, not for saving money. thank you

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    Whoa there. It is easy to rent something short term, but it's relatively expensive because your're unlikely to find a rent sharing agreement in an apartment for so short a time. Neither the 90 day visa waiver nor any tourist visa allows you to work. So you would have to work illegally. The law requires employers to obtain documentary proof of your right to work which you won't have. There are so many legal residents who are out of work that it is unlikely you'll find anything illegal that will pay your rent.

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    I am just back from Fort Myers Florida we have been there for 5 years and it was great,work wise what do you do, you will not get a great job you need a green card,but if you are willing to do any sort of job then there are plenty of openings,If you are sports orientated then you will get something very easy.

    Accommodation wise plenty of very cheap condos and houses going about,what you could look at is house sitting plenty of big houses that lie empty for months at a time and the owners are always on the lookout for house sitters.I was a Electrician and my wife was a shorthand writer and we found it easy getting work.

    Florida is a must but I would stay clear of Miami,Orlando,if you are looking for town life try Tampa.

    All the best and good luck

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    Sure, it's easy to find a place. The housing market in South Florida (especially) crashed a while ago, and there's ton's of abandoned houses and condos. I don't know if many of them are inhabitable.

    Seriously, though, don't just look at Miami. Florida has a number of metro areas (Orlando, Tampa-St.Pete, Fort Lauderdale, and my home base, Jacksonville). If you visit Craigslist, you will find sections for all those towns and you'll be able to see what's available for housing.

    As for a job, well, the economy stinks all over the US right now, and finding a decent job is always tough, but if you're not particular, you should be able to find something.

    Frankly, I think your chances are better in Orlando, the Tampa area and maybe Jacksonville. I would avoid Miami right now for a lot of reasons.

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    winter time is money making time for florida. so you can expect to pay a lot more. than summer. but it is sooo much nicer now. unless you want to tan. you have to find where you want to live and i guess just look for some kind of work that won't ask for papers

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    depends on which visa you get. you can't legally work on a tourist visa and you can't get a work visa without a job.

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