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What are the market shares for soap of procter and gamble, unilever, dial, colgate-palmolive ,in 2010?

hi i hv to make project on the soap manufacturing companies in US and hv to compare its market share for year 2010. plz help me... plz do mention the reference link...

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    I don't think you're going to find a direct answer on any free website. Didn't you professor refer you to research sources in the library for stuff like this? And regardless, you're probably not going to find a simple table showing the soap market shares for your companies; you will have to make some estimates using a variety of sources. I believe that's the point of the project.

    Possible sources to use:

    Stock research from Standard & Poor's

    Quarterly and Annual reports from each company

    Marketing research data from Simmons Research or MediaMark

    Good luck!

    PS: Dial is just a product (probably made by one of the other three), the others are manufacturing companies with dozens of brands like Dial.

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