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do you think Jesus even condones organized religion? i feel like Jesus was against it from what i read?

and i would have to agree with him. It's probably best to let the holy spirit teach you about God and not certain corrupt ppl of religion

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    Very good question.

    The answer is found in the comprehension of the Old Testament. The major prophets explained in detail how the ritualistic practices were no longer were sufficient enough for God.

    Isaiah 1:10-15

    Isaiah 43:22-24

    Ezekiel 8:15-18

    In the New Testament Christ does not mince words. Matthew 12:7. Christ was not against organized religion. He was against the practices and suppression of the Jews by the Jewish leadership. He did not come to rescue the Jews from the Romans. He came to rescue the Jews from themselves. From the pitfalls that the Jewish people had fallen into (political correctness, corruption); whereas, the leaders had placed themselves between the people and God and were therefore leading the people away from God once again.

    Paul writes letters to the churches about the pitfalls of relying wholly on the congregation of men to run the church. John encourages the churches in Revelation to endure the trials and temptations for the reward.

    Today's organized religions are on the same track as the Jews in the New Testament. Political correctness, corruption, false teachings and teachers, idolatry, marketing, the worship of money, lack of mercy.

    Also, remember that Christ told Peter in Matthew 16:18.

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    Organizing religion is not necessarily a bad thing, it actually helps. Jesus (being God) condoned and set up the Old Testament Law as seen in Leviticus. What he didn't like were the man-made traditions that were added onto it.

    The Spirit is vital, but God also gave us his word, so if there are corrupt people who claim to be religious, it should be evident. Don't put up with them.

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    Agreed but i think the whole purpose of religion know is mainly just fellowship and to learn about God in a less corrupt environment but i do agree to let the holy spirit lead you to God rather than religion doing that

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    Jesus was against the organized Jewish religion of the time because it had become so corrupted. He had a pretty clear organization of apostles and then if you believe the rest of the Bible then there was a clear organization and consistent gospel being taught as that church that Christ established with his apostles.

    Jesus also clearly supported organized religion when it came to the sanctity and practices of the temple, too.

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    Jesus condemned the teachers of His day for not knowing/following what God had revealed in the law and the prophets. He wasn't against organized religion, He was against bad organized religion. He would probably have harsh words for many of our church leaders today, but that isn't a call to isolate yourself. Find a church that knows/follows God's teachings and let them build you up.

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    depends on what you mean by 'religion,' but yeah, i agree that Jesus had lots of warnings and even condemnation for people who gave the appearance of serving God but mostly served themselves.

    that said, a lot of people who won't go near organized religion and think that the Holy Spirit is just teaching them individually are raging hypocrites or get into some really weird, even evil stuff. sin and hypocrisy aren't limited to organized religion -- they're HUMAN activities.

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    Actually Jesus approved it. Notice his words at John 4:22;

    YOU worship what YOU do not know; we worship what we know

    Notice the word "we".

    This is further emphasized by Paul At Hebrews 10:24-25;

    24 And let us consider one another to incite to love and fine works, 25 not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together, as some have the custom, but encouraging one another, and all the more so as YOU behold the day drawing near.

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    Jesus is against it.

    Religion is BS.

    If the only way into heaven is through Jesus, then the God Christians believe in is not what they think it to be. Think about it.

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    Jesus certainly condones assembly of worshipers in His name. How ya gonna do that without organization?

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    Jesus was a travelling apocalyptic preacher who saw himself as the messiah of the Jewish scripture. He didn't come to start a new religion. Orthodox Christianity began in the 4th century under the Roman rulers Constantine and Theodosius.

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