edge on a knife???????

Well to start off i bought a mercworx equatorian combat knife (yep $400.00 knife) 1 1/2 years ago and know the edge is starting to go blunt.It's the S30V version i dont know what degree the edge is.So if u guys know the edge degree is give the info thanks.

also whats the best way to sharpen S30V thanks


XD i know how to sharpen knives i just don,t know the edge and dont want to screw up the edge laugh all u want XD

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    So, lets start with the easy part first - generally if you are sharpening one of the newer really high hardness steels like S30V, it is best to get a ceramic stone. You can get them to any roughness and they can come in as sticks or as stones. Since the Equatorian is a recurve style knife, you are probably going to want a stick style sharpener because recurves are harder to sharpen on a flat stone.

    Here's a website with some good sharpening gear on it: www.bronksknifeworks.com

    Unless you have really beat the heck out of the edge you probably don't want anything more corse than about 600 grit.

    Now, what angle is on the edge? Mercworx are hand finished and sharpened so the edge is going to be approximately 20 - 23 degrees from center. Total included angle could be anywhere from 40 - 50 degrees. What is important is the 20 to 23 degrees.

    Regardless of the approach you use to sharpen it what you are going to want to do is actually look at how the blade meets the stone to be confident that you are sharpening on the correct bevel. When I am sharpening stuff I start with the angle too steep, then rotate the knife until the bevel just touches the edge and there is no shadow under it.

    From there it is just like any other knife.


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    To sharpen a knife, or any edged weapon, you need something that will remove and re-shape the steel edge of the blade. This can be done with different kinds of stones, with ceramic material, with diamond-embedded steel, with grinding wheels. It is not necessary to know the angle/degree of the edge to sharpen a knife. Just do it. If you work a blade on a sharpening stone, you will either have no effect on the blade because the angle of your effort isn't contacting the edge...or it is and you will sharpen the knife. Japanese water stones are excellent but wear down and have to be flattened (can be done by simply rubbing one stone against the other until both are flat). Begin with a harsher (lower number) grit and work your way to a finer (higher number) grit. Along the way, if you're using water stones, you will get an excellent polish on the blade. I usually use steels with diamond impregnation which are lighter and easy to use. Again I begin with a rougher grade and move to the finer grade. When you finish with the stones or steel, it's a good idea to take a piece of leather on which you have rubbed jewelers rouge and stroke the blade, not against the edge but with the edge. This will remove any slight burrs that may have developed from sharpening the blade on the stone/steel. Be careful when doing this that you don't twist the knife and make dull what you have just sharpened.

  • Sharpen between 25-30 degree each side.

    Do NOT use a bench grinder, or any other power type tool that is powerful enough to create sparks. If you do, instantly dunk the knife in water to instantly cool it off the moment you see any sparking. Sparks bad.

    Do NOT polish the edge to a smooth, shiny finish. Leave it so that you can see tiny lines thru the edge.

    Finish with a 4000 grit whet stone.

    You will have the sharpest knife for miles around.

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    its a 45 degree angle

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