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can someone tell me a summary of the case kent vs united stateS?

send me detailss pleasee

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    You may have some trouble with some of the legal terminology, so I am breaking it down for you:


    383 U.S. 541

    Kent v. United States


    No. 104 Argued: January 19, 1966 --- Decided: March 21, 1966

    Before we start, the action here takes place in the Appellate Court, where several judges hear the cases of the Petitioner and the Respondent. Essentially, a decision was made in a District Court convicting Kent of the various crimes he had committed. But, Kent is attempting to get out of this mess by appealing to the Court that the District Court he was tried in was inappropriate for him.

    1) "Petitioner was arrested at the age of 16 in connection with charges of housebreaking, robbery and rape. As a juvenile, he was subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District of Columbia Juvenile Court unless that court, after "full investigation," should waive jurisdiction over him and remit him for trial to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia."

    They were going to try Kent in the D.C. Juvenile Court unless the court, decided that they were going to allow him to be tried in the D.C. District Court(a trial court). Essentially, they are going to try Kent as a Juvenile, unless evidence leads them to try him as an adult.

    2) Petitioner's counsel filed a motion in the Juvenile Court for a hearing on the question of waiver, and for access to the Juvenile Court's Social Service file which had been accumulated on petitioner during his probation for a prior offense. The Juvenile Court did not rule on these motions. It entered an order waiving jurisdiction, with the recitation that this was done after the required "full investigation."

    Kent's party, the Petitioner, makes an effort to ask for a hearing questioning the waiver - Kent does not want to be tried as an adult, obviously. The Juvenile Court, however, waives their jurisdiction over Kent, so, now he will be tried as an adult in the D.C. District Court.

    3) "Petitioner was indicted in the District Court. He moved to dismiss the indictment on the ground that the .Juvenile Court's waiver was invalid. The District Court overruled the motion, and petitioner was tried. He was convicted on six counts of housebreaking and robbery, but acquitted on two rape counts by reason of insanity. On appeal, petitioner raised, among other things, the validity of the Juvenile Court's waiver of jurisdiction; the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit affirmed, finding the procedure leading to waiver and the waiver order itself valid."

    After the District indicts Kent(makes a formal accusation of a crime), Kent's party attempts to dodge this by claiming that the Juvenile Court's waiving of jurisdiction was not legal. Essentially, Kent is challenging the Juvenile Court's ruling in order to be tried in the Juvenile Court, not the regular District Court. The District Court overruled the motion(they denied it), and Kent was convicted.

    Then, Kent and his lawyers attempt to appeal the case in the Appellate court, which affirmed the District Court's decision to uphold the waiver.

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    Kent V United States

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    This Site Might Help You.


    can someone tell me a summary of the case kent vs united stateS?

    send me detailss pleasee

    Source(s): summary case kent united states:
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    Clark Kent was Superman's alter-ego,secret identity,if you will and the US had charged him with entering the country illegally.But there were a few problems. 1-there was no sense to put him in jail because he could bend steel bars with his bare hands and of course they could not deport him back to Krypton.So he was fined 500 dollars and given 24 hours of community service. Case closed.

    Tell your teacher that you found this in an Encyclopedia!I promise you will get an A+

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    There are several search engines available that can link you to web sites that will provide you with information for Kent v. US. This is Yahoo Answers, not do my homework for me.

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