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Any soldiers out there? why is he shutting me out?

we always could talk about anything then when he turnd 17 he joined the army reserve. He's been in the reserves 2/1half years now He deployed to bosnia for 7 months when he was 18 thats when everything started shutting down!! its been a year since he was in bosnia and now i dont even know what his civillian job is (He's a quiet bad boy) could he be hiding from people overseas or could he be dealing drugs? i only see him 1 day a week now but he appears tottaly normal until i ask him whats been going in his life. should i call the police to get him some help?

any advice from soldiers or family of soldiers would be much gratefull

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    hmmm I was in east timor for 6 months and alot of the time you become witness to shootings gang rapes on woman and children and alot of the time cant do anything as your only there for your required tasks..i know alot of guys lose it because they wish they could do things more to help. or maybe he had seen combat and has PTSD? or your overeacting and should just cram it :) civillian and military world are very different. god when i here someone complain about there coffee being cold i just wanna strangle them lol and as for his civillian job yes high chance he is doing drugs but depending on what country your from? if its the USA he might be doing secret service work?? who knows?

    Source(s): give him break and move on
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  • 10 years ago

    Why would you call the police? Has he done any illegal?

    He isn't going to be hiding from anyone. Drug dealing could be a possiblility but I doubt it.

    Are you in contact with any family members? Maybe you should talk to them and see if they notice any changes. You can also try to talk to him and have a heart to heart with him. If he no longer has feelings than move on. If he ask for help I would suggest telling him to talk to his COC or try this site to find help.;jsessioni...

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