What us the best way to learn the fundamentals of computer programming?

I'm going to college to become a computer programmer (I'd really like to get into web development), but I just started my first year (back in August was when the semester started) and I haven't had a chance to learn any programming skills and to be honest I am completely ignorant when it comes to pretty much everything about programming. I have worked very little on Python (basically the helloworld and maybe a few steps beyond). I have found plenty of tutorials and beginners guides, but my problem is that they all kind of jump in (even if they say they don't), I just want something to teach me the very basic fundamentals and starting points of computer programming. I really appreciate it in advance. You can find me @TheScottyTurner

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    10 years ago
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    Python is a great language to start with, and to keep using. Just writing lots of basic programs, like adding numbers together and printing the results, and stuff like that should make you fairly competent.

    A better way to start though, would be at the (slightly) "deep end", in C. I mostly learnt programming from The C Programming Language. Reading that until you understand it all, and going through all the examples, will stand you in REALLY good stead. It's short, elegant, and to the point, written by the guys who designed the language, and who designed unix. You could do a LOT worse.

    Also, once you get C down, do a LITTLE assembly language programming (just to get the basic idea; a "hello world" that asks for a name and greets you personally would do). After that, learn OO with Java.

    THEN forget it all, and use python 3 :D

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    Well, those "HelloWorld" programs are usually just something to show you how easy it is to get the computer to do something and establish a bit of confidence that you're not going to blow up the computer.

    So, go to the next chapter and start reading. I tutor on the side as a hobby, so if you want advice on C++ I'm open to Emails.

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