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Sandy Koufax or Pedro Martinez?

I had this argument with a friend a little while back. These two pitchers have similar stats, but my friend argued that since Pedro pitched during the steroid era and Koufax during the dead ball era, Pedro is better. What do you think?

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    Personally I'd go for dinner with Pedro, as the choice of food would probably be more exciting and he seems more fun!! (Nothing personal Mr Koufax) If you mean which was the better pitcher? Ironically both were signed as amateur free agents by the Dodgers. But Pedro lasted longer, much longer as a contributory pitcher.Martinez proved his worth in both leagues, Cy Young awards in both AL and NL. But Koufax had better stats in more categories, including the perfect game.

    Answer?? it depends on what you're looking for, but if Koufax had been fit enough to play more and longer, I think the question would be moot, and Koufax would be the winner.

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    of their primes, Pedro and Koufax have been arguably the main dominant pitchers ever. Pedro gets bonus factors for having a sub-2.00 era while adult males an excellent number of fellows have been hitting over 40 homers a year and the Unit possible being the only different guy who ought to get his era below 3.00. That mentioned, Koufax notably plenty pitched on 3 days relax the full season and his numbers matched Pedro's. He had to retire early, yet Sandy became in all possibility the superb participant interior the league while he retired. i think of Sandy's final 4 years have been the main dominant stretch of pitching ever and because I cost dominance over toughness, i've got self belief Koufax is the superb ever.

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    To best answer this question, you really have to look at the baseball environment that these players flourished in:

    From 1962-1966, the league ERA in Sandy Koufax's league was about 3.29. From 1997-2003 in Pedro's league the ERA was about 4.65. So right there we begin to see the huge difference between the eras. So really, Koufax pitched in the greatest pitching era of all-time, while Pedro pitched in one of the greatest hitting eras of all time.

    But take a look at some of the numbers:

    Pedro Martinez (1997-2003)

    - 1408 IP (201 per season)

    - 2.55 ERA (ERA+ of 215)

    - 252 K per year

    - 11.28 K/9

    - 45 BB per year

    - 5.6 K/BB

    Sandy Koufax (1962-1966)

    - 1377 IP (275 per season)

    - 1.99 ERA (ERA+ of 168)

    - 289 K per year

    - 9.46 K/9

    - 63.2 BB per year

    - 4.57 K/BB

    Koufax pitched more innings, but that was the standard in his time, which makes it less impressive in comparison. Koufax had a lower ERA, but look at the ERA+, it clearly favours Pedro, where he was prone to hitters parks in his career. Koufax had better control, but Pedro had a better k/9 and k/BB.

    In summary, I believe that Pedro is the better pitcher simply because of the comparable numbers despite the different pitching conditions of their respective careers.

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    Sandy Koufax any time. If I had a game I needed to win I'd like Koufax on the mound.

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    I think you need to set your friend straight, how the hell is Martinez, or anybody else, better than Koufax?

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    I'd take Pedro. His peak seasons, 1999-2000, are unprecedented in major league history. Yeah, THAT good.

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    Koufax, and not even close.

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    I agree with your friend...

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