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Need the name of a movie?

Dear everyone,

I've been trying to find the name of a movie I watched decades ago. The main character is a construction engineer or architect, but I think the former is more likely. He has a wife and son, and probably a mistress or a girlfriend from his past (I don't know when he dated her because I missed some part from the beginning).

I think she tried to get him for herself, to the point of screwing up his life, so he came to her apartment/hotel room to force her to quit. She stood up on the window and dared him to hit her as he threatened, because if she fell down, people will think that he killed her. He left, and moved to a new apartment.

She followed him to the new place, killed an old lady who had the aparment across his, moved in and let him see her on the balcony. She also made up some excuses to come talk to his wife, you know, the whole psychotic ex-girlfriend deal. Finally, she ambushed his wife and son at their country house/cabin, and planned to burn down the house with them inside, but the boy stabbed her to death.

The female character is pictured as quite strong and a workout buff; she was working out in the scence on the balcony. Also, to depict her murderous side, there is a scene where she went to a bar, flirted with a guy, went home with him and drowned him to death in the bathtub, only by holding him under water with her arms.

I would much appreciate that if you can give me any information about this movie.


Maybe the words "decades ago" throw us off track a little bit. The movie looked like it was made sometime in the late 80's or early 90's; which technically makes it decades old, but it isn't a classic from the 60, 70.

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    The plot you describe reminds me of an oldie from 1964 called "Pyro" starring Barry Sullivan and Martha Hyer. But I don't remember how it ends.

    Here's a brief synopsis:

    "A passionate affair sends a married engineer on a deadly roller coaster ride of death and vengeance in this grim horror outing. The trouble begins after he moves to Spain where he will oversee the construction of his invention: a generator shaped like a ferris wheel. He is busy looking for a place to house his wife and daughter when he sees a desperate young woman trying to burn down her home for the insurance money she so badly needs. He stops the woman and they become passionate lovers. The affair is so hot that the engineer fears it will consume him and so he hastily extinguishes it. The jilted mistress flares up into a jealous rage and gets revenge by setting the engineer's house on fire with his sleeping wife and daughter inside. They perish. He, himself, is horribly scarred by the fire and swears he will have his revenge." He joins a carnival as a side show and kills his ex-mistress on a ferris wheel, I think.



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    a million. Kung Fu Panda 2. 40 twelve months previous Virgin 3. The Simpson's action picture 4. 5. Hairspray (the latest version, this relatively got here from Queen Latifah's mouth, the subsequent line is, "So youv'e met my mom!" 6. Friday After next (Katt Williams line) 7. 8. great 9. Twilight (Robert Pattinson via fact the excellent Edward Cullen!!) 10. needed (James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie, i've got in undemanding terms seen it as quickly as although so i don't understand who mentioned it)

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    I THINK THAT MOVIE SOUNDS GREAT, its similar to obsessed with beyonce.

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