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How can i take the jib/genoa from the rolling furling on a sailboat?

I am planning to change my furling jib, can anyone help with information how can i disconnect the jib from the furling system?

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    The sail must be unfurled completely. Which usually means that you need calm winds or at least very light ones. Once that is done you will see that a bolt rope slides up the roller furling track. The sail is hoisted by your jib sheet, so you have to let that out, as the sail is pulled down from the track. There is some form of attachment near the drum. Once the halyard is at the bottom, you must secure it, so, that it isn't lost back up to the mast head. The Sheets can be removed from the sail and stored below for the winter. Then the sail should be folded and stored in a dry environment with plenty of air movement.

    Good luck!

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