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head start or early head start?

do i need to go to the human services department to apply for vouchers for my daughter in order to put her in head start? what are the different between early head start and head start? how do i enroll my daughter into head start program? Can someone tell me in details please?

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    Head Start is for 3,4, and 5 year olds (some kiddos turn 5 in the middle of their second year). Early Head Start is for young toddlers up to the age of 3. The centers generally follow the local school districts as far as when the school year starts and days off.

    To apply, you will have to go to one of your local centers and pick up an application. When you bring the application back, you will also need to bring your daughter's birth certificate, shot records, and proof of income. The center then sends your application to their main office where your application will get reviewed. If you qualify, you'll be put on the wait list. Since the school year has already started, you will more than likely be put on a wait list until a spot opens.

    If/when there is a slot open for your daughter, the center will call you and set up a day and time to finish the enrollment packet. Once the enrollment packet is complete, your daughter will be able to start attending the center.

    Source(s): former Head Start TA
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    I work for the Head Start and in order to apply you have to come to our center. Your child has to be 3 or 4 years old and you must bring in proof of income, childs shot record, birth cert and ID. There is a waiting list most of the time. Call your center and see what you have to do to apply and good luck.!

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    My son has autism and epilepsy. He has been in a software right here called Early Steps using fact he replaced right into a 12 months previous. that's for babies age 0-3 with developmental issues. My son qualified for actual, occupational, behavioral, and speech therapy a week. The therapists got here out to my residing house and worked with him. Now that he's 3 (his birthday replaced into on the 5th) he has been bumped as much as the pinnacle initiate software. He qualifies for a undeniable ed preschool classification. there'll be 15 pupils in the class like him and 3 instructors. there'll be 2 "usual" 3 12 months olds additionally in the class which will function function fashions. His new therapists will artwork with him in the lecture room. he will pass to college for 3 days a week from 8am-2:15pm. they're hoping that via the time he's 5 years previous he will have the potential to attend a "usual" kindergarden classification. this is the factor of the pinnacle initiate software. They artwork with the babies from an quite early age in hopes that they are able to attend a classic lecture room in a while.

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