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What do people here in Astronomy think of Astrology?

I'm curious as to how people who study (or at least have knowledge about) Astronomy regard Astrology.

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    Astronomy and astrology have a common ancestor, related with the observation of the skies in an attempt to measure time. In those old days, people were convinced that the (to them) misterious forces behind the stars and behind meteorological events could be recognized by signs in the skies and that their intentions could be known by a few people, generally priests, who had an occult and secret knowledge about that stuff.

    Nowadays we know a lot more than that. We don't know a lot -- but we're better now that before.

    Astronomy is a science. It evolves, it gets revised, it suggests explanations and means to test its hypotheses. It has no pretense of having the final answer -- even though there might be some arrogant individuals, but those are human flaws, not flaws of the method.

    Astrology is pretty much still frozen in the past. Its predictions aren't systematic, they are arbitrary. If a prediction is wrong, it's never the method's fault, or the assertions it is based on. If it happens to get right, it's immediately proclaimed as victory. It speaks of mysterious forces, but never actually attempts to study them, or to address why only the planets are important but not the satellites, what is the relation between the constellations and the signs, or why some geometrical figures give some results and not others. It essentially treats two handfulls of objects in the sky as special things when it is already known that they are just bunches of rocks and gas such as the one we step on every day. It fundamentally attributes those objects some mysterious magical properties and never questions why they would have some biological influence, why for example things on the Earth itself (airplanes? birds?) don't have influence but some do, why it matters the time and place of birth.

    Astrologists would claim that the astronomers have limited minds and aren't open to possibilites. Personally, I find quite the opposite.

    Source(s): P.S. Try and guess my astrological sign. It's not that hard, you have about 8.3% of chances of getting it right at the first try.
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  • jonal
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    I do astronomy for a hobby and make telescopes but I've read astrology and numerology, graphology, I Ching, Fung Shui, and lots of other ways of thinking.

    My wife was a yoga teacher and I've lived in the East so I got quite exposed to it all.

    I am mostly tolerant of astrologers but I don't use it in my own life.

    Most astronomers just dismiss astrology as nonsense.

    Some things however do tie up, for example with Sagittarians liking travel and adventure, which I do.

    I've been to five continents, mostly backpacking and trekking. I also like archery.

    A lot of non-Sagittarians like travel too of course and do archery.

    Any answers showing any kind of tolerence towards astrologers on here are likely to get TDs from the die-hard science guys.

    Life is more than science. I worked in science in a lab. Several of them actually as a lot of people on here will have done or may still work in one.

    I like Mahler too.

    How can science describe Mahler...or Wagner or a good ceilidh?

    Astrology may not be scientific in the normal western sense but neither is a hug and a kiss from your beloved.

    Take care and keep a reasonable mind over it. The dangerous bit is losing sight of the real world.

    Numerology for example has lead to suicides. The numbers take over in people's minds.

    Destruction is inevitable. It ties up with the Tarot reading. The Tower of Destruction.

    I'm doomed. Instead of living till the terrible 16th of the 8th month they kill themselves. It was going to happen anyway. The numbers said so.

    Very very sad. Just keep it under control.

    A lady on here was worried about flying on a particular day. Eight is bad in western numerology but the Chinese go crackers over it.

    Eight for a house number can double the price of a house in Hong Kong.

    I hope I calmed her mind a bit.

    Your shopping bill depends on what you spend, not because Libra isn't in your chart to give you balance

    What you spend depends on how you let yourself think. We've nearly all come out of supermarkets with twice as much as we went in for, haha.

    Head in the air and sing with joy at ceilidhs, smile at the stars on a crisp clear night away from town, but keep your feet firmly on the ground.

    Best of both worlds then. Have fun.

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  • 9 years ago

    One is a science, the other is a spiritual methodology. You will find those who deplore it, and others who are indifferent because it as no barring on astronomy. Personally I invest zero belief or interest in it, but to each their own, so long as they understand the fact that outside of close names and looking up at the sky, they don't have a whole lot in common.

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  • 9 years ago

    They are both diffrent sciences in a way. Astronomy deals with true reality whereas Astrology deals in day dreams for day dreamers. Look in any paper under your "stars" sign, there all diffrent.

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  • Fitz
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    9 years ago

    I feel the same way that I do about Tarot cards and Quija Boards ... I'll spare you the rude details.

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  • 9 years ago

    It's fun to look at my horoscope every now and then, but I don't think it's accurate!

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