cataclysm Feral or Mooonkin for pvp?

im kinda between both right now. honestly feral is the only mele class/spec i like(ret is okayish). range wise i usually do prefer range but feral is a blast. personally for cata i was between moonkin or frost mage. i dont like just pure dots so i didnt want to roll a lock just for destro especially if it gets nerfd or something. and i dont like hutner anymore so ya :P oh and i was just going to roll a goblin frost mage as an alt so. thats why i decided i will go into cata as my druid :P i actually never stuck to one spec in wotlk. i switched between moonkin and feral constantly lol. im good at both and have skill i nboth, its one of the few class i truly understand and know how to play to its fullest. i guess its more of a is mele or range better for bgs. and i know this is very controversial but. as a druid i see moonkin as defintily pumping out more dps, but they do struggle when ppl are right i ntheir face. while feral is in people faces and they have way better stuns now, possibly higher survivability. so should be really fun. tbh i actually love feral druid. i jus didnt like in wotlk how annoying/unfair other meles had an avdantage over feral, while a rogue even unskilled could do more. so idk :P help?

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    Well personally I like rolling a destroy warlock cause a few dots and a chaos bolt will send u packin. Anyways, druid are the only class that allow for both an option for range and melee combat capabilities. Boomkin can put out some nasty dps but casting takes time and as u said not good in close quarters combat. Kitty druids have good stealth and stun and bleed capabilities that are similar to a rogue (but not as good as a rogue). I hink going kitty form will be the way to go cause a sneaky stealth can kill ur enemy before they even know whats happening.

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    4 years ago

    The cats are certainly rolling down the hill quicker than rogues are. in spite of the shown fact that it rather is purely a count of time in the previous the kitty hits the backside of the hill and is going sprawling and the rouge in simple terms keeps walkin'. As of the 4.0.0 patch, feral druids have become amazingly difficult. They rather replaced rogues injury clever. as an occasion.. My point 21 feral druid, who had in simple terms gotten cat variety, advance into doing consistent with threat 60 dps in the previous the foremost patch. After it.. i advance into truthfully pulling 200 dps. My maximum crit -advance into- 3 hundred. Now my maximum is a million.2k. And snowfall hasn't performed a lot to nerf this... so Feral druids at the instant are rogues hitting like arcane mages which could heal, and music beasts/humanoids like hunters. yet word, it is in simple terms for now. finally sufficient human beings will advance uninterested in playing with the cats, and get snowfall to shelter them. And rogues are not all too undesirable suitable now, they simply look a lot worse by using fact everybody advance into buffed and nerfed a sprint.. They have been buffed and nerfed suitable decrease back to regularly occurring. So, they don't seem to be undesirable.. The feral druids are in simple terms making them -look- undesirable. So.. Feral druids are terrific untill they get nerfed.

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