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how much should i walk/jogg to burn off a McDonalds Bigtasty, large fries ,an apple pie and a big coke ?

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    According to

    Big N'Tasty 460 calories

    Large Fries 500 calories

    Large coke 310 calories

    Apple pie 250 calories

    Total calories = 1520 calories

    You'll need to do a few hours of running to use up those calories.

    If I were you, I'd let go off the guilt from the over-indulgence. Do some moderate exercise if you wish, but don't feel the need to punish yourself by doing an excesively hard workout.

    Tomorrow's a new day, so wake up tomorrow, commited to make healthier eating choices :.)

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    Diet is much more important than exercise when it comes to weight.

    You would need to jog for over 3 HOURS to burn the equivalent calories of that meal.

  • Chels
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    Depends on your weight, height, how fast your running/how much intesity you are working at. My guess would be around 2-4 hours of consistant running

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    jog/walk? RUN you should not be eating that food anyway if you do not have a fast metabolism

    walk/jog 45mins

    running 10mins

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