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Has anyone sold "gently used" clothing to Once Upon A Child?

I have a TON of clothing that my son has outgrown (birth - 2T). I want to get rid of it, and I was wondering if it would be better to sell it at a garage sale. I just don't know how much you get at 'Once Upon A Child' for a pair of jeans or a Carter's sleeper, for example. Thanks!

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    I believe that they pay half of whatever they decide to price it out as, and give you 60 or 75% of that price if you choose to use it as trade. You may want to test the waters by taking in only a few items to see if you find their assessments to be fair and acceptable. I noticed that the price structure varied a bit from employee to employee and always tried to have one particular clerk "buy" my clothes. If you don't agree with their pricing on any item, just decline to sell it to them and save it to sell at your garage sale instead.

    Ebay is also a big market for reselling children's clothing. I've never sold there, but I bought a few lots of clothes and noted that the bidding drove the price up to ridiculous amounts when thier were designer or name-brand labels (Baby Gap, Old Navy) attached. I suggest taking a peek there. See what's available and how the bids are coming along. That is, if you don't mind messing with the shipping and all of that.

    Best of luck.

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    I decided to answer anyway and I hope you find my answer useful!

    My twins have gone from size Preemie to size 18M in the span of just 9 MONTHS, so as you can imagine I have a TON of clothes! Add to that the fact that they're girls (people seem to think it's more fun to buy baby girl clothes than baby boy clothes) and they're the first grandchildren AND great-grandchildren... and also the fact that I'm pretty picky when it comes to what my girls wear. SO... added all together, we have a MILLION clothes that are all very nice brands (some of them are hardly worn) and too small already!

    A few weeks ago when the weather was still too cold for a garage sale, I decided to sign up for eBay and give it a try. I've been very pleasantly surprised! My advice, if you're willing to give it a shot, is to group your clothes together into sets. My stuff sells really well because it's for twins (twin stuff sells pretty well on eBay) but I've seen other "gently used" clothing sell for pretty good prices on eBay.

    Why don't you go to eBay and do a search for similar items and see what they're asking (and getting) for prices. You might be surprised. I feel that I can get better prices by "bundling" my items and selling them on eBay than I could with a garage sale. (If you're interested in looking at my items, just for reference, my seller name is hmkolb. I think you can search by seller name.)

    I do have some items that have stains or don't have a matching set (for a "twins" set) that I'm thinking of just putting in a garage sale this spring...

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    My suggestion to you is to have a yard/garage sale first.You can charge whatever price you want for your items.Then take what you have left over and give to any consignment shop.

    I personally do not care for Once Upon A Child.A great place to shop,but not to sell items.They have to be in tip top shape,folded neatly..etc.I don't have the time for that.

    I go to Treasured Child(just a local consignment shop) and have for the last 4 years.I love them.

    I get money for my items.I can just throw them into a box or garbage bag.They price them and whatever doesn't sell,I donate.Most of my things have been through 2 children,so some stuff is gently used but not in the best shape for that particular shop.If you have really nice items,then yes,take them to Once Upon a Child.But I would think that you will get just about the same price wherever you go.

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    Hi- I dont really know too much about selling items on ebay, but I used to sell clothes to Once upon a child too. I know that they really do rip you off, I used to sell all my old baby things (I have three young kids and go through alot of stuff) and the price they buy it from you for is ALOT lower than what they actually sell it for. Its a buisness though, called flipping- buy for way cheap, then turn arround and sell it for alot more and make a big profit. I think if you dont mind that they are selling for more, and you want the quick money I'd probly go there. As far as ebay, Ive never sold anything on there. But I know that it involves waiting and people placing bids, and then shipping... im not sure but sounds a little more complicated. Now I sell most my things on craigslist locally. Good Luck!

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    Check the reviews on Once upon a child on Yahoo Local, some of these are not trustworthy.

    They keep 60% and you get 40%, the last time I sold there. You make more money selling as a lot on Ebay or Craigslist, with Ebay you can use PayPal, then buy more clothes with that money from the site.

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    Basically, when you bring clothes in, they'll look through them and they'll put them into two piles, ones they'll buy and ones they won't. Some will be rejected because there's some sort of small flaw such as a miniscule stain you missed or something. Others will be rejected because they're not buying for that season, or have enough of those or what not. The rest they will offer you an average of about a buck each.

    At a garage sale, the rule of thumb is generally 10% of retail, however with used clothes, unless they're certain brands that hold their value (Hanna Andersen comes to mind), you are probably not going to get more than a buck or two tops for any article of clothing, maybe $3 for some designer stuff, but a lot of times people put kids clothes on a table for a quarter or 50's hard to say what will sell at a garage sale and what the right price point is, it really depends on where you're located, what other purchasing options are in town and who shows up. And if you're not already planning to have a garage sale, they are a big pain. I almost always end up wasting an entire weekend, netting maybe $5 per man hour tops, and being surprised that the stuff I thought was really good and would sell right away is still there, while the stuff I was sure I'd be hauling to the trash can got snapped up right away. No matter how much I sell or how much money I make I still usually end up with way more stuff left over than I really want, then I've got to decide what to keep and try to sell at another garage sale or through another avenue, what to put on the curve and what to drive to the Goodwill. Personally if I never have another garage sale it will be too soon.

    My son is now 5 and we have years worth of clothes he's outgrown as he is as tall as a 7 year old and grows out of stuff way too fast for us to sell it, and my wife is a bargain hunter, always finding good deals on large lots of clothing or store closeouts or what have you, so we had almost an entire room full of clothes to get rid of. To get top dollar, eBay was always the way we used to go for the designer's good to list the stuff in a lot, but the market has declined somewhat, and there's the packing and shipping hassles. Often you end up netting what you would by simply going to Once Upon a Child.

    So, what we've found to be the best method is Craig's List ( We've gotten a good price for our can generally put together lots and maybe get $2-$3 an item for good quality stuff, you can kind of judge from eBay and looking at other Craig's List postings, or trial and error, a lot will depend on your area. The nice thing is you can make the exchange in person, and my wife has even had people pay her via Paypal and has left the box or bag on our step so the person can just come by and get it if she's going to be out of the house. You don't have to hassle with packing and shipping and there are no listing fees. The only problem we've encountered are at times she's priced things too low, because she'll put a lot of say Gap jeans out and put a price that she's thrilled to get, then 20 people will respond and she'll realize that she could have gotten more, but she doesn't care, and if you're not greedy, just ask what you think something is worth to you and you'll probably find someone to buy it. Occassionally also she'll get people who say they're interested and then don't show, but you're not out anything but time then, and you just go to the next buyer. If you put an ad up and don't get any responses, then your price is probably too high. And if you're in a more rural area not serviced by Craig's List, then the garage sale might be a good option, because people shopping there won't have as many places they can get quality used clothes as they would in a bigger city where Craig's List is popular. There are also consignment shops, but we've never gone that route because generally the cut they get makes your net less than you'd get with other methods, and it can take forever to sell the stuff. Best advice I can give you if you do go on Craig's List or eBay is to be aware of the'd be able to sell spring or summer clothes now, but you'll want to hold off on winterwear.

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    I wouldn't sell there as you really won't get your money's worth from them. They usually buy for cheap then put them on the shelves for more than what they bought it off you for. I came in one day looking to sell a halloween outfit which was brand new still had the tag on it which was $20 and they offered me $4 for it! They had similar costumes on sale there already which were tagged $10 and such! You should first try to have a yard sale or if anything you can always post for free on sites like Kijiji or Craigslist.

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    Yes I did sell clothing at once a upon a child. I was not happy with them at all. I was in charlotte. What they do is sell the clothing for 50 % of the cost and you get a third of that so if you brought something for 30.00 dollars they would sell it for 15.00 and you would get 5.00. Now on furniture say for a crib you paid 200.00 they sell it for 100.00 you get 50.00 of that. My advice to you is to becareful what you take there. I am much happier with ebay.

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    Yes, you can sell either in your own garage or through Once Upon A Child. I think you can get it below a dollar.

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