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Why does America support Israel?

I don't get it. Israel is so obviously in the wrong, yet America supports it (while talking in a 'Now now, you REALLY shouldn't do this sweetie...come on, don't do this...ok you did it anyway, and that's ok too, but you shouldn't have done it...' kind of tone)

So is it because of the religious affiliation? Or some other reason? I am genuinely confused.

I mean the Europeans openly support Palestine, and America and the EU are pretty close on most things, so why not this?

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    Arguably the powerful pro-Israel lobby is the original factor, though the idea it has transferred to part of society.

    It is notable that in post-WW II Mandate Palestine, the British authorities were trying to establish a single independent Palestine for ALL its people, and this was opposed by extreme Zionists who wanted a Jewish state, not just a Jewish homeland. Zionist terrorist groups like the Irgun and Lehi carried out assassinations and bomb attacks, leading to growing tension on the ground and civil unrest between groups of Jewish and Arab gangs. This was in danger of escalating towards a civil war between the two communities, and British forces tried to quell this.

    The single largest factor in exacerbating this was the influx of illegal Jewish immigrants from Europe. Many of these were traumatised by the events of WW II, and were in no state of mind to be fair-minded rational new citizens who could coexist with the indigenous Palestinian majority, and so many joined the growing terrorist groups and armed gangs. The Jewish Agency who organised their immigration refused to consider offers of resettlement in Britain, the Empire or the USA.

    Britain tried to limit this immigration by blockading the sea, and a large number of immigrants were detained in camps, After one of the terrorist groups attacked a camp and released the detainees, they were housed in camps on Cyprus thereafter, and that largely stabilised events on the ground.

    At this point the USA strongly pressured Britain to allow the detainees into Palestine, under threat of economic sanctions. Britain was virtually bankrupted by WW II and was on no position to resist such a threat; furthermore, its manpower was being increasingly drawn into the upcoming independence of India since partition was on the cards there and unrest was likely. India was seen to be of much greater priority due to the sheer size of population, so Palestine took a back-seat.

    So the detainees in Cyprus were allowed into Palestine after April 1946, and indeed the situation on the ground got much worse, leading to a virtual civil war between the two communities. British forces became less and less involved in trying to separate them, instead turning over the problem to the newly formed UN by announcing an intention to quit the territory in 1948. Britain and the UN tried to achieve some sort of Plan B that would satisfy both parties, and the UN Partition Plan was the result. However, this could not be agreed on the ground, so Britain had no option but to persist with the original unitary Palestine idea right up to the end of mandate.

    At that point Israel declared itself as a Jewish state and open war began. The rest is history.

    So the turning point was undoubtedly the US pressure to let in the large numbers of illegal immigrants after April 1946, and it's still open to debate why the US did this. I think there's little doubt that significant pro-Zionist lobbying was happening to the Truman administration, but on the other hand Britain had been a major US ally since 1941. It seemed Truman was taking local politics into account far more than actual events on he ground, and in that gap between WW II ending and the Cold War escalating perhaps he felt Britain was unimportant as an ally and could be dispensed with.

    There was no doubt he rode roughshod over British attempts to secure a peaceful outcome, such as setting up a joint committee to decide a way forward, but then ignoring most of its findings and insisting on a large influx of immigrants anyway without any provision for the likely increase of conflict. Perhaps Truman, the only western leader to actually trust Stalin's intentions, was just a neophyte who couldn't handle the responsibility of wise international judgement.

    I don't think historians have even decided that one with any consensus.

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    Yes , Israel is special to God we are all Special but you get what i mean . Obama is making changes that will hurt America in the long run which is sad to understand that our future is at stake but I am a True believer that Christ will return before Anything Happend to Israel Because they are Gods Choosen People Dont Belevie Everthing Obama Tells You Beieve On The Lord Jesus Christ And He Shall Save You.

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    Is it so hard to realize that others may not hold your opinion?

    Many of us believe that Israel is "so obviously right" and that the Arab side is "so obviously wrong."

    If we have a different tone, it may be the context.

    Let's see:

    Israel turns over most of the WB and Gaza to the PA to build trust and start the peace process.

    the PA reciprocates by violating every commitment and INCREASING attacks on Israel.

    Israel imposes a moratorium on settlement construction to show goodwill and start peace talks.

    The PA refuses to negotiate until a week or two before the several month moratorium is set to end.

    Arab terrorists invade Israel and murder two carloads of Israeli civilians including a pregnant woman on the eve of the peace talks.

    While Arabs are targetting and murdering Israeli civilians AND refusing to negotiate with Israel (while Israel is NOT building settlements) what kind of tone can we possibly use with a straight face while saying, "you really shouldn't build those settlements because they seem to be a barrier to peace"

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    Almost twice as many Jews live in the USA as there are in Israel.

    There has always been a very strong Zionist lobby in American politics.

    Remember the words of several prominent politicians over the years from both countries.

    On October 3, 2001

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres regarding Palestine.

    "don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."

    Senator Fullbright 10/07/1973 on CBS' "Face the Nation".

    "The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate."

    Sec. of State John Foster Dulles

    "The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"

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  • Israel's enemies are Americas enemies (this is why the US supported Sadam Hussain once.)

    Also they are a MASSIVE American arms customer.

    Also there are a lot of Zionists in high places in the USA who emigrated to America during World War 2.

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    The religious right has come to dominate american politics. They believe that if the

    jews rebuild the temple of Solomon on the temple mount in Jerusalem then

    jeebus will rapture them to heaven.

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    We're the most Jewish country in the world besides Israel.

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    My, such a general damning statement with no backing. You must be proud.

    America supports Israel because it backs fellow democratic governance throughout the world. Would you claim the same damning statement re: Sudan, Venezuela, Uganda, Indonesia, South Korea, Yemen, Nicaragua, India, etc, which the US backs also? These other fellow democratically run countries hold to difficult policies dealing with the rights of others also. Why just Israel? Because its politically and morally popular to do so, or its just because its such an easy target?

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    Evangelical Christians have a Jew fetish. They don't really understand what Judaism is, and think that Israel will build a magic building for them to usher in the second coming of Jesus.

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    It is true that Israel is useless... There only job is to be a pain in the A R S E for muslims surrounding them but American Jews have remarkable power in politics....

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