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How many slogans can come up with for your state?

And in which state of the union do you live in?

I'm in the great state of Florida

The Sunshine State (official)

Mikey's home

America's flaccid penis

The hurricane state

The rainy Summer paradise

The it belonged to Spain before the U.S. state

Cuba! (applies only to Miami)

Melting pot of the Americas

Where NY mobsters are sent to get whacked

Where New Yorkers go when they run from the cops

Where it's illegal to get a BJ and/or have buttsecks (even with your wife)

Where you can watch the few last space shuttle lift-offs (NASA)(Cape Canaveral)

...since we're too poor a nation to learn anything more about space because winning video games, gambling our money, and learning to how to work new gadgets seems to be more important.


I also forgot:

New home of porn production

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    Don't mess with Texas.

    It's Like a Whole Other Country

    Deep in the heart of Texas

    State of the Arts

    Everything's bigger in Texas

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    Home of 90% of mtv/vh1 reality shows.

    Where the fads are born.

    Home of the guitos.

    Home of the overly tanned.


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